NUFFLE (Neutralize Flop Leads) Poker Course

It feels weird when you raise preflop and your fishy opponent leads into you on the flop, right?

If they really had a strong hand, wouldn’t they wait for you to bet before they pounced? Should you raise their flop lead when you have air? What do you do when you have a hand like bottom pair? How do you maximize your EV when you actually have strong value like an overpair? If you want the perfect solution from today until the end of days, then scoop up NUFFLE and Neutralize Flop Leads!

NUFFLE origin story, if you can
even handle it

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Developed for years in secrecy in response to the alarming proliferation of fish villain flop donk leads in the worldwide poker meta, NUFFLE is the lethal progeny of Coach Brad Wilson’s Mass Data Analysis process, in which millions of poker hands are analyzed and gene sequenced to extract weaponized +EV formulas to counteract this growing threat of unsanctioned villain flop leads

It’s existence still neither confirmed nor denied by global poker governing bodies, NUFFLE is indeed real and ever-evolving to empower the owners of this weaponized beast with proven profitable contingencies for both bluffing and value betting in the face of donk bets from the flop to the river, so you’re never caught off guard.
Since the outbreak of the First Flop War in 2020, the NUFFLE weapons system has kept the borders of Greatness Village and its citizens safe against the persistent terror campaign of flop leads from villains harboring anti-Greatness Village sentiment. But for how long? With NUFFLE, your blueprint to successful bankroll building is drawn, but it takes heroes to put it in motion and win the war. Heroes of the world unite in neutralization – for the future of your flops and your children’s flops!

NUFFLE (Neutralize Flop Leads) Poker Course

Defend Perfectly Against Fish Flop Leads


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Bluff & Value Bet Strats vs. Donk Bets

Data Solutions Based on Actual Hands
NUFFLE Short Stack Companion Guide
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No Theory; Just Hard Data for Result
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Defend Perfectly Against Fish Flop Leads... Without Breaking A Sweat In Less Than 24 Hours!

NUFFLE Includes Student-Only Access To The Course-Specific Slack Channel For Further Study And Direct Contact With Coach Brad Wilson:​

Gain Access To The #NUFFLE Slack Channel For Ongoing Discussion Of Poker Hand Analysis (Yours And Fellow Students) For Evolving Implementation Of The Poker Course Material

While all are welcome in the public channels of CPG’s Greatness Village online poker community, your purchase of the NUFFLE poker course grants you ongoing access to a dedicated locked channel that serves as your on-demand support line and open forum for any questions or strategy discussions for the coursesCoach Brad and the associate coaches (and fellow students) are always up to talk strategy!

How Can You Get All 3 Neutralize Leads Series Courses For Free? Glad You Definitely Asked:-

Sign Up For An Online Poker Account Using The CPG Sign-Up Link & Get The Entire Neutralize Leads Series (NUFFLE, NUTTLE, & NURRLE) For Free!​

In order to qualify, you must have never had an online account on lgnition (USA) Bovada (USA), or Bodog Canada (Canada). You must also be located in the USA or Canada.
If you meet this criteria, use these hyperlinks to sign up at IgnitionBovada, or Bodog Canada and create your new account.
Then, make a distinctive deposit amount (i.e. $162.53) so that we can identify your deposit and verify you’ve created an account. Send an email to with this amount and the poker platform you chose.
After doing this, go ahead and join the Greatness Village poker community on Slack. At that point either Coach Brad Wilson or a CPG staffer will add you to the private NUFFLE Slack channel and fire over your brand spanking new poker courses!

Here’s Everything You Get With Purchase Of The NUFFLE Poker Course:

Perfect Bluffing & Value Betting Strategies Against Donk Bets

From the flop to the river, NUFFLE arms you with profitable bluffs and value betting pathways against fish donk betting shenanigans. Neutralize those flop leads!

NUFFLE Short Stack Add-On Companion

While the main NUFFLE data is capable of systematically neutralizing fish flop leads under normal circumstances, what about when short stacks come into play? We’ve got that covered.

Strategies Backed By Hard Data -- Not Theory

We’ve said it ad nauseam: our strategies are based on the actual data of millions of poker hands. It’s settled science. We’ve reverse engineered profitable strats based on real-world hands.

All Future Course Updates And Expansions

If you buy NUFFLE once, you’ve bought it for life. Global poker trends are constantly shifting, and our R&D is ongoing accordingly to stay ahead. As our data changes to maintain max EV, we’ll update you.

NUFFLE Is Your Quick & Painless Solution To A Bewildering Spot In Poker:

A play in 3 acts: A Fish flat calls your bet out of position preflop.

Fish villain donk leads the flop and bets out before you have a chance to act.


A Sneak Peak Inside The NUFFLE Poker Course And A Meme To Further Explain How It Works:

See why our students have called NUFFLE, "Cheat codes from the poker gods."

You can’t spell NUFFLE without “F” and “U”. That’s what we’ve got for villains who lead the flop.