The Best Online Community in All of Poker. Welcome to Greatness Village.

We’re all in this poker thing together. And it can be a hard and lonely road in these streets, whether you put in work online or at the tangible tables. Where’s a poker player to turn to talk strategy, break down hands, and dive deeper into CPG course study?

Welcome to Greatness Village: a community support network united in a shared pursuit of poker greatness! Free for anyone to join (whether you’ve enrolled in a CPG course or not), we’re unaware of a more welcoming and helpful group of poker players paying it forward to help new villagers of any skill level develop their strategies, gain advice about hands they’ve played, and get onboarded with CPG course material to refine its implementation.

Overseen by Coach Brad Wilson himself, where he chimes in pretty much daily on every Slack channel he can, the Village is populated by associate CPG coaches who are experts in all CPG poker courses, online and live crushers who have been exactly where you are at some point in their own poker career, and most importantly, it’s populated by players just like you, sharing the same goals to improve at the game of poker!

Poker is a team sport.

And we like our chances this year.

The Greatness Village Online Poker Community: We've Got Support in Spades.


Purchasing a Chasing Poker Greatness poker course isn’t the end of the transaction — it’s the very beginning.

Every course has its own dedicated Slack channel in Greatness Village, filled with fellow students, associate coaches, and the course creator: Coach Brad Wilson himself.

Got a question about a tough spot? Not sure about how to implement a CPG solution? Whether it’s students who have been there before, or other players just like you trying to learn — the whole village is here to help.


Overheard at the Last Greatness village Online block party:

"My favourite thing about Greatness Village is the attitude everyone shares towards improvement in poker. Like, we're all friends and willing to be vulnerable with silly questions, but we'll also roast each others' lines."
Greatness Village Ambassador
"I'd still be alone in my poker journey if I hadn't found the Greatness Village community and I can't ever imagine going back."
Danny H.
Greatness Village Neighborhood Watch Organizer
"Greatness Village is a place for grown ass men and women to come talk about their feelings. And it's an opportunity to help others and share poker knowledge."
former student (when he said this), now coach at CPG!
"Without Greatness Village I’d be out of poker by now. I had a real turning point right before quitting in frustration that was 100% brought about by Coach Brad."
Rene C.
Greatness Village HOA President

Discuss Poker Strategy with other Villagers in the #university Slack Channel (free to join):

From The Greatness Village Mayor, Coach Brad:

"The Village is my online home... and the best one I could imagine. Complete with friends, family, and (of course) all the poker you can handle."

We Have Way Too Many Slack Channels in Greatness Village. Some are More Savory than Others.

In addition to some niche channels such as #book-club (for poker books chat and 50 Shades hot takes), every poker course has its own dedicated channel, as well as many other subject-specific channels in Greatness Village:

Poker Learning Channel: #university

Easily one of the most active channels, this one is routinely pinging app notifications whenever someone has a tough hand they want to review and get communal feedback on. Whenever you're unsure about a hand you played, drop the hand history in the channel and let everyone fire away. Prepare to get roasted for timid lines, but it's all in good fun and usually there's a good answer coming your way.

Poker Study Video Channel: #training-grounds

One of the hidden gems of the community, this is where a lot of CPG students post their game tapes in the form of Play & Explain videos of recent online poker sessions. What's great is that it's usually students out there in the world battling it hard using all the CPG courses as the backbone of their strategy. It's a great way to get some free schooling if you want it.

Poker Player's Lobby: #meeting-hall

Stop in and introduce yourself here when you join Greatness Village. Let us know what you're looking for help with, if anything, and of course tell us how you found CPG and Greatness Village. If you want to work on something, shout it out here and chances are good someone will be down to collab with you.

Poker Development Channel: #monastery-poker-growth

More of an inspirational meeting spot, this is where players come together for general advice and chat about the bigger picture: shot taking, mental growth, dealing with tilt, cultivating good habits on and off the table -- it's the 30,000 foot view of the game and your 2 cents about it.

Poker & General Chat Channel: #water-cooler

Part dumpster fire, part gold -- this is where the magic happens. Whenever it's not being infested by Wordle degenerates posting their nonsensical scores, this is where to find out what's good in the poker world, discuss last night's Hustler livestream, or learn about what's coming down the pipe for CPG. No bad beat stories!

Poker Course Channel: #preflop-boot-camp

Unlocked for enrollees of the Preflop Bootcamp 8-day poker course, this is one of our more active locked channels, as preflop is the most common situation in this crazy game of poker. Drop in here for ongoing discussion of this massive poker course and its material.

Poker Course Channel: #fish-in-a-barrel-2023

Unlocked to students who have enrolled in the Feeding Frenzy & Fish In A Barrel poker course combo pack, this is your go-to channel for strategy chat and general questions about the course material.

Poker Course Channel: #neutralize-flop-leads (NUFFLE)

Students who have enrolled in the NUFFLE poker course gain access to this course-specific channel to talk strategy and implementation of the course curriculum to make sure we're all getting 100% value out of these donk betting villains out there.

Poker Course Channel: #neutralize-river-leads (NURRLE)

Since NURRLE is a free poker course (all you have to do is sub to the newsletter), everyone has access to this channel to discuss optimal strategy and implementation to extract full value in river lead spots that make you go hmmmm...

CPG & Poker Support Channel: #tech-support

If you need anything support-related with CPG products (such as wanting PFB ranges entered into Range Trainer Pro), this is the channel to get help. Also, if you need support with even non-CPG stuff, such as Holdem Manager or whatever, chances are good someone can help you out in here.

Poker Streaming Channel: #twitch-streaming

Greatness Village has a number of poker streamers in their ranks and that number is rapidly rising. Many of them drop a message in this channel when they're about to go live (give 'em a sweat!), and others post recommends about their favorite streamers for others to check them out. You haven't lived until you've seen the Poker Shaman use NUFFLE to bust clowns on his stream.

Poker Podcast Discussion Channel: #philosophical-friday-discussion

Created as a channel to discuss Philosophical Friday podcast episodes, it's also the place to recommend new topics for future episodes, as well as a forum for exploring philosophical topics in the same vein as the show.

Poker Tournament Strategy Channel: #mtt-midway

While Chasing Poker Greatness is focused on online cash game poker, obviously there's overlap in the community. All the MTT heads would probably just brigade the other channels if we didn't give them their own, so this works as a sort of quarantine strategy, unbeknownst to them. Shhh...

It Takes a Village to (Check) Raise a Poker Player. Join a Great Online Poker Community, Totally Free.

Greatness Village is the Poker Support System You Never Knew You Needed, But Now That You Know About It, You Definitely Need It. Haha Gotcha'.

Greatness Village is a lot of things. It can function as your on-demand support line and open forum for any questions or strategy discussions for the courses. Coach Brad and the associate coaches (and fellow students) are always up to talk strategy! It can also be a place to talk poker and pretty much anything else with like-minded people from around the world. It's free to join and it's also free to lurk. Looking forward to meeting you and we hope you join the chase for poker greatness with us. We'd post smiley face emojis at this point in the copy if it wasn't so cringe.

Our Poker Community Members Featured on the Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast!

A Lil' Bit About Brad Wilson and Chasing Poker Greatness...

Launched as a simple podcast in 2019 by one grinder against the world, Brad WilsonChasing Poker Greatness has quickly evolved to become a multi-faceted hub of poker training, poker courses, poker coaching, mindset and philosophy, podcast interviews, and community — all accessible to beginners, regs, and high stakes players striving to enhance their edge in a rapidly changing poker meta.

CPG’s bleeding edge training curriculum is developed through Mass Data Analysis (MDA) driven strategy, drawn from millions of poker hands, to give you a max exploit roadmap to the land of +EV decision making at all stakes for implementation both online and live on the felt.

Whether you’re here to gain knowledge and philosophy from top pros interviewed on the Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast, or you’re aiming to build a rock solid foundation of live and online poker strategy, we invite you to join the community and chase poker greatness with us!

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