Expert One-On-One Poker Coaching To Elevate Your Game To The Next Level

Chasing Poker Greatness offers private, 1-on-1 poker coaching from our resident instructor Shutaro Sekito, an emerging virtuoso in not only playing poker, but in developing poker study habits and knowledge retention techniques to hardwire your poker brain for real-world results. Coach Shu’s private poker coaching approach not only addresses and fixes your specific mistakes and leaks, but it also improving the way you think at the cash game poker tables.

This is the extra effort that other players at the table aren’t putting in. You’ll be the only one that is.

Private poker coaching with Shu is not for the faint of heart, and that’s exactly why you should want it.

Some players stop their poker training after a few courses.

Others players view that as just the beginning.

“Shu’s an absolute beast who has my full trust and confidence. He consistently overdelivers, crushes the games, and genuinely cares about his students.”

Coach Brad Wilson, cash game specialist and founder of Chasing Poker Greatness

Here's A Graph Of Coach Shu's Recent Cash Game Results And Some Photos To Humanize This Crusher:

The New Coach Shu Hype Video Just Dropped:


Welcome to The Next Level Path in Your Poker Pursuit.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. Private cash game poker coaching is not for the passive poker player. The commitment is significant and the accountability is real. The work is demanding, but the rewards are exhilarating. It is a discipline of the self, and you must be the one to demand it. The coach can show you the path and give you your armor, but you have to be the one to walk through the gauntlet and come back to improve your technique before doing it again and again.

Have we lost you yet? If not, then maybe that awesome website copy convinced you that you might just be ready to elevate your cash game and poker career to the next level with Coach Shu: an absolute crusher with the poker earnings graph to prove it.

If you think you have the will, the patience, the stamina, and the open mind required to take things further in your poker chase, reach out to Shu for an evaluation and we’ll go from there.


Here's What You Can Expect From The Chasing Poker Greatness Private Cash Game Poker Coaching Experience:

CPG coaches approach teaching cash games as a fluid and ever-evolving process so that we can continually strive to upgrade our coaching skills and honor your trust in a way that gives us joy.

We view private poker coaching as a mutual relationship and take any failure in your poker journey personally. With that said, here's a breakdown of our current methodology:

You record a play & explain Poker Video (Live Play Narration)

Just play your poker game and do your best to verbalize the thought process behind your decision making as you play.

Share your Poker Session video with Coach Shu for review

Submit your video for review and use Shu's scheduling link to lock in a time for our private coaching session together to review everything.

Shu Breaks Down Your Session on a Poker Coaching Zoom Call

With a focus on identifying areas where you can make significant improvements, Coach Shu reviews your session and gives feedback.

You receive targeted homework from Coach Shu to Focus on

With your poker coaching session now complete, Coach Shu will give you assignments focused directly on the major leaks he identified.

Then you repeat the process for your next private poker coaching session and present your completed homework before we dive into your next cash game play & explain video. Rinse and repeat. Get better every time.

All Poker Coaching Students Are Invited To Join The Greatness Village Community On Slack For Further Study And Direct Support From Coach Shu & Coach Brad:

Join the Greatness Village Online Poker Community, which includes a private channel just for Students of Coach Shu to Get input from him in between coaching sessions and also talk strategy with fellow students!

Coach Brad and the associate coaches (and fellow students) are always up to talk strategy in Greatness Village! With hundreds of fellow poker players all chasing poker greatness, the Village has grown into one of the most vibrant and supportive poker communities in the world. No matter your location, skill level, or time commitment to the game, you've got friends and a support system at your fingertips. Stop in and say hi. No bad beat stories!

Remember When We Said Cash Game Poker Coaching Is Not For The Faint Of Heart? We Mean It.

Because of the time and energy investment necessary for a successful student/mentor poker coaching relationship...

So if you're truly ready to do the work necessary and entailed with private poker coaching to elevate your poker game so that you can effectively chase poker greatness...

Apply For Cash Game Private Poker Coaching With Shu

We encourage you to submit an application today (pricing detailed within) and we'll review it promptly.

There’s a difference between shot taking… and shot making. Private poker coaching can help you smash through that glass ceiling to the next level. Plug your leaks, exploit more villains, and know exactly what you should be studying so that you can realize your full cash game poker potential!


Take it From Some of Shu's Private Cash Game Poker Coaching Students:

“Shu approaches the game at a very high level and is able to convey knowledge in a way that resonates with me. It’s hard to find teachers who are both crushers and good communicators. Shu excels in both of these roles.”
Ian Parchen
CPG Wolf
"Using data analysis, Shu’s able to provide crucial insight on what ACTUALLY works, rather than relying on what should work best theoretically.”
Jon Chai
online poker 1KNL crusher & Tactical Tuesday co-host
"Shu doesn’t just validate my good plays and critique the bad ones, he investigates the thought process behind my decisions so that I’m able to play better in the future."
Rene Coronado
sound designer and mixer

Meet Chasing Poker Greatness Poker Coach, Shutaro Sekito...

"I was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1993 and moved to the US when I was 8 years old (Which makes sense because I speak Japanese at a 2nd grade level). I discovered poker in the spring of 2017 during my last semester before graduating with a Masters in Engineering. Eventually I deposited $100 on Ignition in late 2018, grew that deposit to a $500 NL bankroll, and quit my engineering job so that I could pursue poker professionally. Now I'm living my poker dream."
Shutaro Sekito
Professional Poker Player turned CPG Coach

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."

Sun Tzu

If you haven't yet gone through all of the Chasing Poker Greatness poker courses, we highly encourage doing so in addition to private poker coaching:

Once you've taken all the CPG cash game poker courses, and you're enrolled in one-on-one poker training, and you're starting to crush it, where do we go from here?

Well, we guess you could join an elite brotherhood that is hell-bent on dominating the highest online poker stakes and destroying anyone who stands in the way of that goal. If something like that appeals to you, that is:

Chasing Poker Greatness Also Offers Forensic Database Analysis Of Your Hand History To Plug Your Leaks

On a limited basis (once or twice a year), Coach Brad Wilson accepts a few openings for Personal Database Analysis of your poker hand history to find your blind spots and biggest leaks.

Using much of the same Mass Data Analysis (MDA) methodology that Coach Brad has used to forge the groundbreaking CPG course curriculum, Brad is able to do one better and create a tailor made battle plan made specifically for you. This is truly the most accurate and effective audit of your cash game performance that money can buy.

Talk with Coach Brad about Personal Data Analysis and seriously upgrade your game

Your blind spots will be revealed and remedied. Your leaks will be found and fixed.

Application For Private Poker Coaching With Coach Shu

Before going any further, you MUST read the following to be eligible for private, one-on-one poker coaching. Coach Shu's private poker coaching services are NOT for you if...

...You're Expecting Coach Shu to Hold Your Hand and Be Your Poker Savior

You're supposed to be the hero here in your cash game poker journey, not Coach Shu.

...You're Hoping for Instantaneous Results Overnight and Lack Patience

It's not going to happen. It's a process and it simply takes time to develop your cash game skills.

...You Can't Commit (Financially or Otherwise) to One session per week

This is the commitment level required to expect any sort of meaningful results to transpire.

...You're prone to not completing homework or assigned tasks

The coaching process completely depends on your completion of assignments.

...You want a coach that specializes in theory / solver work

Shu's methodology is rooted in upgrading your poker logic and thought processes.

Pay For Private Coaching Sessions

If You Have Been Accepted Into Private Poker Coaching with Coach Shu, You Can Pay for Your Sessions Here:

Poker Coaching: Single Session

1 private poker coaching session with Coach Shu

Poker Coaching: 4 Sessions

4 private poker coaching sessions with Coach Shu


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