You’re such a tool

No, no, no … not a tool like fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars or Nickelback.

(NOTE: If you’re a Jaguars or Nickelback fan, I promise I’d never actually call you a tool….

Because that’d imply you’re actually useful. ZING!

To give you a chance to defend your honor, reply with your best “Coach Brad’s from TN” slam.

I’ll share it in tomorrow’s newsletter.)

What I mean is your “Poker Brain” is the tool you use to make decisions when you’re at the poker table.

Think about it…

When you take two months off from playing and then you hop back into the arena, how do you typically describe your play?

Rusty. Not sharp.

Like an unused tool, right?

Whenever you sit down to play cards, the player at the table with the strongest Poker Brain is the one who eventually gets the gold.

Just like in nature, survival of the fittest.

So, ultimately, your goal when growing as a poker player ought to be centered around improving your Poker Brain so that it’s a more powerful tool than the ones your opponent’s are using.

It’s an simple as that.

Now Imagine two Poker Brain’s battling it out at the poker table who are equal in every way except for one:

Player #1’s Poker Brain has a solid understanding of an executable, optimal preflop strategy.

Player #2’s Poker Brain has no executable strategy but opts to make their Preflop decisions on the fly.

If you had to bet money on which was the strongest, which Poker Brain would you choose?

It’s not even close, right?

An OPTIMAL and EXECUTABLE strategy crushes zero strategy every single day of the week.

In 4 days you’ve got the golden opportunity to be Player #1 battling vs. a sea of Player #2’s…

All you’ve gotta do is hop into the next round of Preflop Bootcamp, go through our step-by-step program, and reap the rewards of having a stronger Poker Brain.

Here’s your link to move up the poker food chain:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad