You’re in the Deep End

Dear VIP,

Three years ago my then 6-year-old daughter Evie decided (all on her own) she wanted to take the swim test at YMCA Summer Camp.

If she passed, she’d get TWO swimming sessions all Summer long instead of a measly one.

So, with lifeguards close by, she stepped up to the edge of the deep end and jumped in.

There was one major problem … she didn’t know how to swim!

After a few terrifying seconds of flailing the lifeguards scooped her up, asked her what she was thinking, and promptly gave her a failing grade.

My kid has a little too much courage for her own good, huh?

But isn’t this what we all did the first time we sat down and actually played poker?

You decided you were ready to take your swim test because you wanted to be in action…

So you jumped directly into the deep end of the pool.

Except there were no lifeguards to save you.

And it may not have been readily apparent you were in way over your head, even though you most certainly were.

“The will to win is not what matters — everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that really matters.”

Paul “Bear” Bryant

As a 22 year old poker pro I wrote this quote on the dry erase board in my office.

You have to constantly remind yourself that wanting to make a living playing poker will never be enough.

You’re in the deep end whether you realize it or not, and you have to keep bearing down every single day until you’re swimming like a pro.

Even if you feel overwhelmed.

Even when you don’t think you’ll ever make it.

You got this.

Until Tomorrow,

Coach Brad

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