Your network is your net-worth (I need your help)

Your email today is going to be brief because your beloved Coach is spending a few days at the beach with his beautiful wife.

You’ve probably never heard of Charlotte Cho so I’m gonna tell you the quick version of her story:

  • She owns a massively successful Korean beauty product marketplace called Soko Glam.
  • She owns a wildly popular blog called “The Klog”.
  • In 2018 she launched a skincare brand called “Then I Met You”.
  • She made the weird decision to NOT sell her product line in her marketplace OR promote it on her blog.

First the why:

“Then I Met You” is an American based skin care brand while Soko Glam & The Klog are Korean facing. She didn’t wanna deceive her peeps.

So how did she plan on pulling it off without relying on the massive audience she had already built?

By leveraging her most important resource: The network she had built-up building her business over the years.

The result?

“Then I Met You” is on a rocket ship to the moon. It’s on pace to reach $100 million in sales this year.

It’s so easy for you to feel like your options are limited while overlooking the most important resource in your arsenal:

Your hoo-mans.

Because hoo-mans have the capacity to be brilliant, loyal, gritty, and exceptionally generous…

Especially if they love you.

So today I’m gonna lead by example: I need your help.

My vision for Chasing Greatness LLC hinges on my marketing and self-promotion skills and I am totally overwhelmed trying to figure out paid traffic and email funnels.

Every time I make the decision to dive into Facebook Ads so that I can grow the CPG audience & this email newsletter I feel like Chandler Bing trying to unhook a bra…

Anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

So if you’re a (verifiable) paid traffic & funnel wizard while you’re not moonlighting as a serious poker player I wanna make you an offer:

You’ll get weekly poker coaching while you’re actively helping + 8 extra sessions once the funnel is up and running like a well-oiled machine.

I’ll also give you LIFETIME access to ANY & ALL paid CPG products I create until the end of time as a bonus thank you.

If you think you’re the hoo-man I’m looking for, hit the reply button and let’s talk.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad

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