Would Sauron have been a good poker player?

…I don’t know how he’d lift his cards but he’d definitely be good at soul reading!

(My wife physically cringed when I told her this joke)

Today I wanna talk to you about macguffins and The Lord of the Rings.

In case you’re behind on your maguffinology, allow me to explain:

A macguffin is a thing that motivates fictional characters to go do stuff.

Take the One Ring (One of the most famous macguffins of all-time), for example:

Smeagol wants the One Ring as his Birthday present but Deagol says “No way, man.” so Smeagol mercs Deagol and takes it for himself.

Because Smeagol is now operating is full “good decision mode” he decides to move into a cave, eat fishes raw and wriggling, lose his sanity and his hair, and becomes Gollum.

Bilbo Baggins loses his GPS near Gollum’s lair and stumbles on the One Ring.

Gandalf uses his mad wizarding skillz to learn Bilbo’s been in possession of the One Ring.

Frodo takes the One Ring, goes on a little mini-vacation to Mount Doom, and plunks it into the fire.

But here’s the million dollar question that’s been stuck in my brain for years…

Why on earth would a giant EYEBALL be so obsessed with a Ring?

How are you gonna wear it Sauron?

I wanna see the scene where The Witch King tries to chunk the One Ring into Sauron’s Eye and gets berated via ominous whispers.

The important thing to remember about macguffins, though, is they really don’t matter.

They’re just a tool to make the our beloved characters go on adventures.

But in real life, even the highest performing members of the human race often chase glory and fame that may be better left uncaught…

Olympic gold medalists often deal with massive depression after claiming the prize they trained thousands of hours for.

Lottery winners spiral out of control and go broke at super high rates.

Billionaires find themselves isolated and lonely because they don’t know who to trust or who genuinely loves them.

Far be it for me to tell you what really matters in your life’s journey or what you ought to be chasing.

We’re all inspired by different pursuits and not everyone falls apart after their dreams come true.

But I’ve gained enough wisdom to say with confidence that (In your poker coaches humble opinion) when it comes to your poker journey, there’s only One Thing you ought to rationally chase:

The best version of your poker self.

If you dedicate yourself to this singular pursuit day in and day out then the sky’s the limit. You cannot fail as a poker player.

And my solemn promise to you as a poker teacher and creator is that everything I make from today until the end of days will be created through the lens of this one question:

“Will this product genuinely help my students progress towards becoming the best versions of their poker selves?”

If the answer isn’t a resounding “HELL YES!” then I’m not interested. I’ll leave the overly complex strategies that offer limited upside to somebody else.

My holy grail (Another GOAT macguffin, BTW) that fuels me on a daily basis is to one day be able to offer you a spectrum of simple, powerful, and executable courses you can use to guide you in your pursuit of becoming your best poker self.

That’s my ultimate passion.

One such course I’ve recently created that nails those benchmarks fires back up this Saturday at 2 pm EST.

It’ll guide you to the version of your poker self who knows how to perfectly cbet vs. weak players on the flop both IP & OOP…

If you wanna check it out, here’s your link:


Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad