Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Wolf?

Unlock Your Poker Potential: The Proven Path to Dominating the Table and Crushing Your Competition

Becoming A Wolf:

The Ultimate Poker Transformation

The journey to be coming a Wolf…

Is not for everyone. It is for those serious about refining their skills, amplifying their strategic edge, and dominating their games.

Over four intensive 1:1 coaching sessions priced at $1,000, you’ll be put through a rigorous evaluation of your skills, strategy enhancement sessions, and tests of your mental strength.

Each session is a step closer to your transformation, completed within a 6-week trial that will challenge and change you.

Low & Mid-Stakes Mastery to High-Stakes Dominance

Our mission is clear: Elevate players from dominating low and mid-stakes cash games to conquering high-stakes tables and realizing their poker dreams.

Elite Selection

Uniting Talent with the Wolf Pack Spirit

Wolf applicants undergo a thorough vetting process by Coach Brad and Coach Jon, focusing on two critical qualities:

Long-term poker potential and a strong culture fit.

Our community’s heart lies in our culture – it’s our paramount priority.

Skills are crucial, but without the right fit, they’re not enough.

We’re looking for talented individuals eager to be part of something bigger, ready to invest and grow together in pursuit of poker supremacy.

Joining Poker’s Apex Predators

Should Coach Brad and Coach Jon see potential in you after the four 1:1 sessions, you’ll be rewarded with a contract to join the Wolves, where you’ll be armed with strategies, insights, and guidance reserved for ambitious players who want the freedom, flexibility, and financial security to pursue poker at the highest level.

“Everyone’s pretty high on how great the coaching is and the sense of community, but I think the retreats are one of the things that I really enjoy the most.”

Comeback Blueprint

Your Path To Improvement

Those not immediately chosen will receive tailored feedback and actionable insights to hone their skills for the next tryout, ensuring they emerge stronger, more strategic, and better positioned to make the right decisions and increase their winnings at the table.

“My game has improved drastically.I’m not even the same player that I was then. So yeah, transformative forsure.”

– Jeremiah

CPG Wolf Tryouts: Join the Pack

In the world of poker, only the strongest, most cunning players rise to the top. These aren’t just players; they are Wolves. A few times a year, the gates to the elite CPG Wolf program swing open for the few daring enough to prove their mettle. With personal coaching from high-stakes pros Coach Brad and Coach Jon, who combine decades of table smarts with Mass Data Analysis, this is your chance to transform from a struggling lone hunter into a member of the most formidable, profitable pack in poker where every move is backed by a proven, winning formula

Limited Spots Available

Claim Your Edge And Secure Exclusive Early Access

Wolf Tryouts offer an opportunity to stand, grow, and profit with poker’s best, but only a select number of applicants will be evaluated. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Wolf?

Gain a competitive edge by securing your spot on our VIP waitlist now, guaranteeing you’re notified of the tryouts at least 24 hours before anyone else.