Why you’re doing mixed frequencies all wrong

A few years back I was visiting my wife’s family and we couldn’t decide where to eat dinner.

I suggested what any card carrying member of the professional poker world would, that we Roshambo for the glory. Without missing a beat my wife says, “OK, so I get to kick you in the nuts?”

If you’re as confused as I was just google “roshambo South Park” and it’ll make more sense.

Yo, I’m talking about the real roshambo (or RPS: Rock, Paper, Scissors for the laymen) here!

And the truth is, I have some damning data that says you’re RPS game is suspect.

Researchers in the UK and Canada had folks play RPS against a GTO computer who was randomizing every decision. Here’s what they found learned:

The humans were certainly not random. Their actions were driven subconsciously by their emotions.

When Bob threw something that lost, Bob was much more likely to switch to something else for his next throw.

When Bob won, you guessed it, he became much more likely to throw the same thing again.

“Why fix it if it ain’t broken?” is probably tattoo’d on Bob’s ass.

When Bob switches over to poker, that ass of his goes right along with him.

Imagine he knows he’s supposed to three-bet with KQo 50% when he’s on the button vs. an MP open.

Knowing he needs to do it sometimes, Bob decides to go for it and his opponent folds and he drags the pot.

What do ya think if-it-ain’t-broken-don’t-fix-it Bob is gonna do in this same exact situation the next time? Bob’s gonna put those chips in there!

But what about if he goes for it and then gets called or 4b and he loses a big pot?

You know exactly what ole Bobbins will do… chunk KQo directly into the muck!

Poor Bob, trying to execute his poker strategy the best he can without ever realizing he never had a shot.

That’s why I’m almost certain you’re doing your mixed frequencies all wrong…

Because humans are not hardwired to pull it off!

So what should you do instead?

If it were me, I’d adopt a streamlined preflop strategy that eliminates all mixed frequencies so that your emotions have no bearing on your decisions.

Here’s a link if that seems like a path you wanna explore:


Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad