Why You’ll Probably Fail at Poker

As a numbers guy I can’t ignore the hard data…

And the data says you’ll most likely lose money over the long run playing poker. The barrier to entry is very high and most humans will fall short.

Almost all lifetime losing poker players fall into one of these two player types:

A) The confident player with no humility.

B) The humble player with no confidence.

Imagine your poker journey as a trip with no GPS to guide you.

The confident human with no humility will never admit to being hopelessly off course and thus will never reach their destination.

They won’t be open to negative feedback or even to the possibility they’re nowhere close to the place they need to be.

The humble human with no confidence, on the other hand, will stop and ask for directions every single time they face the smallest bit of adversity.

When the going gets tough they’ll abandon their roadmap, scurry back to their comfort zone, and invest their hope into the next shiny object they just “know” will solve all their problems.

But something magical happens when you’re confident yet humble.

When you KNOW you’re on the right path and believe reaching your destination is just a matter of time…

Your mind is open to exploring opportunities to discover shortcuts.

You understand the shortcuts probably won’t work out 100% of the time, but know they’re worthy and calculated risks.

If you’re player type A or B, our courses will be NOT be helpful to you.

Type A means you won’t buy into my systems because you believe you’re too clever for upgrades and think somehow the immutable laws of poker don’t apply to you.

Type B means you’ll go from one life preserver to another hoping against hope each one will give you the one thing you’re missing deep inside your soul: Confidence and self-belief.

You’ll never find that on a shelf. It’s simply not for sale.

You have to know it deep inside your bones that you’re the anomaly who WILL NOT fail.

But if you’re the human who knows with certainty that come hell or high water you WILL reach the pinnacle of poker success…

Yet you’re also humble enough to explore shortcuts so that you might shave months or years off of your poker journey…

You’ll gain untold value from the courses we create.

So DO NOT click the link below if you’re in the category of folks who are destined for failure.

Instead have a heart-to-heart with yourself, face your shortcomings, create a plan to move forward, and resolve to do better.

Or just quit playing poker entirely.


If you believe you’re destined for high achievement on the green felt and know it’s only a matter of time…

You already know what to do:


Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad