Why You Should Never Know Your True Winrate

Dear VIP,

You know how all the poker “influencers” say you won’t really know your win rate until you’ve played and tracked at least 100k hands.

Sometimes they’ll even say 500k or even 1 million.

I call BS.

If you’re the same player at hand 100,000 as you were when you started at #1, then something has gone horribly wrong.

Early on in your poker career you should be able to record yourself playing a session, watch it back a week later, and be dumbstruck at how big of an idiot you were a week ago.

But that’s rarely the case.

Here’s my theory why:

Most people go about studying in the worst way possible.

Take a hand history review, for instance.

In one hand you’re trying to analyze:

  • Preflop strategy
  • Flop strategy
  • Turn strategy
  • River strategy
  • Bet sizings on all of the above
  • Hypotheticals on all of the above
  • Your overall thought process
  • And way more subconscious thoughts you can’t even put into words!

It’s system overload.

It’s spitting into the wind.

Except the wind spits back and steals your wallet, too.

The deal is No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em is NOT a single game.

There are dozens of interconnected mini-games that are smaller parts of a much larger whole.

To improve quickly you must isolate these mini-games, work on them exclusively, and then put what you learned into practice.

Last week, during Preflop Bootcamp, we removed Preflop Ranges from the decision tree, worked on it for 5 days straight, and then put it back into the system.

The week over week results were extraordinary.

One recruit told me he had studied close to 700 hours this year and the results from Bootcamp were so high impact it made him feel like he’s been studying all of the wrong things.

Another told me he’s virtually the spots postflop where he felt completely lost.

A tangible difference in a single week.

So if you missed out on the first round of Preflop Bootcamp, my plan is to run it back on Saturday September 12th at $199 (2 times the previous price).

But if you’re sad you missed out and don’t want to pay the full $199…

I’m going to offer you a deal that expires this Friday.

50% off … the same price as last time.

Here’s the link: https://chasingpokergreatness.com/boot-camp

Let’s kick the shit out of the preflop mini-game together.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad