Why Sexy Models Make the Big Bucks

In episode #100 of Chasing Poker Greatness, Jason Koon dropped this Greatness Bomb squarely on your Coaches thick skull:

“Once you kind of understand the way that poker, defense frequencies, and bluffing frequencies work… combos, side cards, blockers and all these things work. You just kind of start to see poker in a different light and it’s not something that you necessarily can do just by playing…”

…because I enjoy experiencing shame spirals, I never asked the most obvious follow-up question in the world:

“Could you describe how you see the game of poker Jason?”

And thus, I was left to meditate on his Greatness Bomb all by my lonesome.

Then, a week or so ago, a lot of the pieces snapped together simultaneously:

All winning poker strategies in every single variation of poker across all space and time have a common denominator…

They’re all beastly models!

For instance:

Why do you fold 27o when you’re under the gun, yet raise with AA in the very same position?

You’re making that decision using your personal strategic preflop model that resides inside that purdy noggin of yours…

And then you’re constructing or following similar strategic models for playing the Flop, Turn, and River.

The major problem?

As ole Benji Franklin (Who himself had a thing for models as well as the syphilis to prove it) once said:

“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

When you have no strategic model to guide your decisions, your more sophisticated opponent’s get to eat you alive…

Because the game of poker is simply pitting your strategic models against your opponent’s strategic models OVER and OVER and OVER again!

And the more robust and efficient model ALWAYS gets the money in the long run!

Here I was thinking I’m in the poker training game when I’m really in the sexy model game (Please don’t tell my wife):

Preflop Bootcamp (Fires back up this Saturday at 2 pm EST!)

Teaches you a powerful, fully executable 6-max cash game preflop model so that you’re a favorite to win the money in the first phase of the game at pretty much any poker table you ever sit at.

Fish in a Barrel (Fires back up Saturday February 13th at 2 pm EST)

Teaches you a highly powerful exploitative model for continuation betting vs. weak players so that you’re consistently maximizing fold equity AND profit.

Private Poker Coaching (Limited availability … Requires application & consult)

Teaches you how-to logically construct resilient models on the fly & also how-to poke holes and exploit the inferior models of your opponents.

ELITE (Fires back up Sunday January 31st at 2 pm EST – New members accepted via application only & program requires a 6-month commitment)

Teaches you a model and holds you accountable for maximizing your poker volume day in and day while also living a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life.

So if you’d rather great players NOT be able to spot the cracks in your strategy quicker than a hiccup and deploy devastating exploits at your LITERAL expense…

Which is my fancy way of saying:

If you’d rather poker NOT totally suck butt over the long run…

The time is now for you to start upgrading those models of yours.

And wherever you’re at in your poker career, whether you ever buy private coaching or join any of the courses mentioned above…

Try to remember my wise words:

If you wanna get the gold, always be thinking about sexy models.

(Just don’t phrase it that way to your spouse)

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad