Why my #2 doesn’t stink

Today I wanna talk to you about my #2: Coach Thomas.

Thomas was a student of mine about 3 years ago when he was first beginning to venture into the online poker world. As a matter of fact, I think he was playing $0.10/$0.25.

Coaches, if you aren’t aware, take special pride in their star students.

They’re a walking testimonial you’re actually making an impact in the world. They’re validation of the hundreds of hours that we invest into learning how to teach and communicate complex ideas as effectively as possible.

Plus, it feels pretty damn good helping someone realize their dreams.

So, as you can probably guess, Thomas wasn’t playing $25 NL very long. In fact, he had one of the purdiest microstakes graphs I’ve ever seen:

Within six months he was winning at a good clip at $1/$2 online while preparing to graduate with a masters degree in psychology from Columbia University.

As he was getting closer to graduation the only job offers he was getting were unpaid internships. Quite the downgrade from his poker exploits. Meanwhile, he was studying and improving his poker game while being a full-time student.

Then, disaster struck.

After struggling with what he thought was chronic tennis elbow for 6 months, he was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that affected his ability to use a computer.

The last semester at Columbia he was relying on dictation software to be able to write papers and could no longer play more than one table of online poker. Worried about his ability to perform a normal job with an inability to use a computer he took the next logical step and became a live poker professional.

After a year and a half battling in the live arena, he was one of the winningest players in his pool at $2-$5 and $5-$10 and had built up a healthy 6-figure bankroll.

You see where this is gonna go, right? Compromised immune system, live poker pro…

Covid in 2020 once again took Terminator Thomas out of action.

But, like I always say, your network is your net-worth. There was no way I was gonna let this stud, one of my star students, collect dust on the shelf waiting for Covid to end.

So I offered to bring him onboard Chasing Greatness LLC as an Associate Coach and we’ve been working side by side every since.

So far he’s revamped Preflop Bootcamp, done all the dirty work behind our upcoming course “Fish in a Barrel” (Which is a follow-up to Preflop Bootcamp), and regularly runs the Poker Power Hour on Wednesday nights.

Oh, and he brought on a Coaching For Profits student a couple of months ago who was struggling at $0.05/$0.10 who’s now winning 7 bb/100 at $200 NL.

(Student’s Graph)

From stud student to stud teacher. It’s enough to make a man proud.

So if you’re at a point in your poker career where you’re interested in exploring my #2 (Coach Thomas), here’s you a link to set up a free 30 minute consult to see if y’all would be a good fit:


Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad