Why Michael Bluth is all alone.

Today I wanna tell you a story that is based on true events:

Sally Sitwell was by far the prettiest girl in the 9th grade and, much to Michael Bluth’s pleasure, they sat right next to each other in Algebra I.

Everyday before school Michael would psych himself up because TODAY was THE day he’d finally make his move. Sally would be sitting there at her desk one second and then BAM! Michael would sweep her up off her feet.

“Sally, I think you’re the prettiest and smartest girl in school. Maybe even the most beautiful in the entire world. Would you let me walk you to your next class so that we could get to know each other a little better?”

Very smooth Michael, very smooth.

Michael practiced his lines thousands of times. He knew in his soul that once he spoke the words, everything else was a lock and his entire existence would change forever.

As he took his seat in class he started to feel a little anxious. His moment was just about to arrive…

Sally walked in (Looking as lovely as ever) and took her seat next to Michael.

“Wow, does she always smell this nice?”, Michael thought.

Summoning all the courage he could muster, just as he was ready to make his move…

Sally opened her math book and started reviewing her homework.

“She’s busy, I don’t wanna break her concentration. I’ll just do my thing at the end of class.”

Michael sweated through the rest of class and then, right before the bell rang, one of Sally’s friends sat at an empty desk near her and started chit-chatting.

Michael, ever the courteous lad, decided the end of class wasn’t the right time either because he didn’t want to interrupt her important conversation.

Tomorrow would have to be the day when everything changed…

And thus the story of how Michael Bluth once sat a few feet from Sally Sitwell for an entire semester and never spoke one single word to her.

When the school year ended, he told himself next year would finally be his year.

Here’s the deal:

When logic and emotions get into a fight, your emotions win every single time…

Then you create a story to make sense of those flared emotions.

Your emotional state in this moment will not be the same as when you’re anxious and stressed out.

Regularly beating yourself down for not executing and making the right decisions when the pressure is on and the stakes are high is a surefire way to never make any progress.

It doesn’t matter how much you practice or how much you learn, what’s blocking you has NOTHING to do with your technical ability…

It has EVERYTHING to do with your ability to make sense of your emotions.

So if you’re living life like poor lonely Michael Bluth with high hopes of maximizing your poker potential so that you can realize your dreams…

Only to revert back to some primordial state where your brain turns to mush and you forget your name and everything you know about anything when the pressure is on…

Tomorrow at 5 pm EST I’m gonna dive deep into helping you discover what’s actually going on and show you the steps you can take to perform at a high level when it matters the most.

If you’d like to confront and defeat The Enemy of Execution, here’s your link to join me for tomorrow’s webinar:


I hope to see you tomorrow.

Coach Brad