When your dreams come true, the nightmare begins.

If I asked you point blank what you desperately desired in your poker career, I’m fairly confident I’d know your answer:

You want ALL the right answers!

No more of this “Well, it depends” BS!

And, of course, software exists on the market today that will, in fact, answer burning question after burning question to your heart’s content.

The problem is that this software is very much like the Evil Djinn from The Wishmaster movies:

If you wish for a million bucks, the Djinn will deliver…

But it’ll be insurance money that comes from your mom dying in a plane crash.

Solvers are very much the same…

Except, of course, your mom will be just fine.

You’ll just lose your mind and your bankroll.

The irony is that there are powerful uses for solvers, but you need to first be a poker crusher so that you know how to ask it great questions.

Just today I was using PIO to “assist” in a hand review video I’m putting together for PokerCoaching and TWO TIMES I got 30 minutes into the recording only to realize I screwed up one of the inputs and had to start over again.

And poker has been my life for the last 16 years!

But don’t panic. There’s still hope.

You have a secret weapon that’s way more powerful and efficient than the Solver Djinn ever thought about being and it’s 100% free…

Your own brain!

The best news is I’m convinced it doesn’t take an otherworldly type of intelligence to be a long-term winner at this game. Just look at _.

**EDITOR’S NOTE: I have written and erased many names in this blank spot as the punchline but ultimately can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. I’ll leave you to fill it in as you wish.

Ultimately, the fastest way you can improve your poker game is by putting that big gourd you lug around all day to good use by upgrading your tactical poker knowledge, logic, and in-game thought processes.

But poker’s super complex and there are only have so many hours in a day…

Ain’t nobody got time for 12 daily hours of intense poker study!

That’s where private coaching comes in.

When you find a trusted guide who you can lean on to help you create your map to poker superstardom you get to cut straight through all the trial-and-error bull-ony.

So if you’re interested in discovering whether I may be that guide for you, here’s your link to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to find out if you and I are a good fit:


Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad