When it comes to bad-beat-babies, abort them all.

Today I wanna talk to you about priorities and how they can make you or break you.

And I’m gonna start with a basketball story.

Of all the basketball fundamentals, which one do you think Young Coach Brad spent the most time working on?

It was dribbling and it wasn’t even close.

Why? Because I thought breaking ankles was sexy!

I lived to cross somebody up, make them trip over their own feet, and hear the guys watching yell out “OoooooohhhHHH!!”

I felt like the man!

Unfortunately, I was also the man who couldn’t make a jumpshot to save his life.

Shockingly I was cut from my High School basketball team after the 93rd time I did this:

Now I wanna tell you a story about Klay Thompson.

On May 18th 2016 in the NBA playoffs Klay drained an NBA record 11 threes.

How many dribbles do you think he took before those shots?


What do you think a pro like Klay prioritized leading up to that magical moment?

Dude spent his energy improving his ability to score points because that meant his team would win more ballgames (Which is, after all, the ultimate goal)!

The same exact concept applies to poker. Too many folks wanna spend their time on the sizzle and not the cauliflower steak.

Guess what? Every single hand of NLHE you’ve played started preflop.

It’s the genesis of every Bad-Beat-Baby you’ll ever give birth to for the rest of your life.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to prioritize Bad-Beat-Baby birth control instead of complaining about having to feed all of those whining, money-draining mouths?

Yes, mastering preflop play doesn’t feel as sexy as 3x overbet jamming rivers with bluffs.

But are you playing this game to make sexy plays or are you playing to win money?

No matter how well you play postflop, you’ll never be able to win enough money to support a bad preflop decision making habit.

So if you’re into winning the most money you possibly can in your poker journey (Which ought to be your ultimate goal), here’s a link to a program that focuses on that very thing:


And even if you think your preflop game is passable enough to skate by, take a moment to chew on this:

Do you think Klay Thompson stopped practicing his shooting after he broke the NBA Playoffs record or do you think he was in the gym bright and early the next day grinding away?

Here’s the truth: You can never be too good at the things that matter the most.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad