Weird things 2020 made me miss

Thank you baby Jesus, 2020 is finally coming to an close and we all get to celebrate the New Year by getting drunk on Zoom calls and passing out on our kitchen floors.

Or as the cool kids now call it…

Socially distanced Sundays.

To celebrate the coming of 2021, I put together a very special list…

Weird Things I Never Thought I’d Miss But Strangely Do

  • Regular conspiracy theories.
  • Chip porn.
  • Forcing my trivia night teammates to go all-in on the last question, missing it 100% of the time, and getting blamed for our loss every week.
  • Smelly poker players.
  • Fake-smiling and half-heartedly waving when passing someone on the sidewalk.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in crowded bars.
  • Going to places I don’t really wanna go with humans I don’t really care for.
  • Listening to my elderly neighbors tell me their life story.
  • Having to explain what a “Zoom” was.
  • Sneezing in public without having a mask on.

I have high hopes for 2021 because, well, the bar’s been set pretty low.

That’s all you’re getting out of me today.

Happy New Year my friend, I’ll see you on the other side.

Talk soon,

Coach Brad

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