Wanted: Lightly Used Pro Poker Player

I can’t even tell you how many classified ads I’ve looked at in my life.

Quick, quiz me:

  • How much did a used 10 gallon aquarium cost in 1993? Easy, $10.
  • What about an AKC certified English Bulldog puppy? $700.
  • How much for your very own Persian kitten? $200 baby!

Yes, I’ll admit to desperately begging my parents endlessly to let me have a small animal to take care of (Even a fish or hamster in some of my more desperate moments)…

It was 1993 and I was 10 years old for god’s sake, what else was there to do?

Anyway, in an effort to keep your email short today (so that Jason Su’s head doesn’t explode), I’m gonna quickly tell you why increasing your monthly volume is a problem I’m uniquely suited to solve.

It’s because I’ve felt all the negative emotions involved with not playing as often as I should.

I know the pain of feeling like you’re a weak and lazy underachiever. I am intensely intimate with being halfway through a year, knowing the games are amazing and you’re crushing them, and then feeling sick when realizing how much money has been left on the table.

I remember going to a friend of mine’s million dollar home who was also a poker pro, and learning the only thing keeping me from earning mid-six figures year after year was my lack of volume. That was an exceptionally painful lesson.

So I spent years obsessively reading everything I could get my hands on about goal-setting, productivity, focus, recovery, and energy. I’ve tested pretty much every training method you can test.

Eventually (painfully) I made it out to the other side. Now when it’s time to work hard and put in volume I’m an absolute demon.

So this team launching in October exists because I don’t want you to feel all the negative bs I’ve felt over the years. I wanna be your guide to the other side.

A side where you’re able to give 100% to poker every single day without regrets while also staying healthy and being able to spend quality time with the folks you love.

So if you’re a professional poker player who struggles with volume or mindset and wishes to move up the stakes as fast as humanly possible, here’s a link to a free 30 minute consultation to see if you’d be a good fit for the team:


The price is going to be $500/month and I’m planning on investing a ton of my time and energy to ensure maximum impact.

Because nobody ought to have to go through this journey alone and struggling like I did.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad