Urgency – MGM w/ Jason Su

I was recently asked:

“What do you make of this sense of urgency that I sometimes feel when I play?”


Urgency is a dangerous game––and it exists only in your own mind.

It can start out small:

Maybe just opening a little wider here and there, but then it starts to spread like a disease.
The next thing you know, you’re shoving the river over a bet that has literally never been anything but a value bet in all your years of playing poker.

When we start to feel urgent, we feel like we don’t have enough time.

To get even today.

To pay the bills this month.

To actually make it in this game before our time passes.

It’s scary when we’re in it, and it causes us to do lots of things we later regret. But in those fearful moments, it feels like this is the only way we can get what we need.

The way out of this trap:

To change our perception of time––and in doing so, lose the “urgent” feeling.

That’s where presence and flow comes in.

When you can actually relax your nervous system in a way that allows your mind to relax, then your perception of time changes.

Things slow down.

It doesn’t all feel like it needs to happen immediately.

The urgency is gone.

Ironically, when you’re able to slow yourself down a little, this is when you can finally settle in and play your best game, which is what will bring your results into that next level you’ve been craving so much.

When you push, you actually push yourself away from your goals.

Relax the system, and it comes to you.

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Jason Su facilitates presence and high-level performance for serious poker players, and is the author of the book Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.