Transitioning in California

Since the best preflop cash game course in the history of preflop cash game courses (Preflop Bootcamp) fires back up this Saturday, I wanted to share an example of some common questions I get asked.

Here’s one from VIP Superstar Mary.


“Hi Coach Brad,

I am a live tournament player transitioning to cash games to build my bankroll due to the variance of tournaments. [Coach Brad: VERY SMART MOVE MARY.]

I am interested in your Preflop Bootcamp but I have reservations due to the fact that it says 6 max games, which I do not play ever. I am not an online player due to living in California.


Secondly, I am not available during the time frame that you have in the schedule due to my work commitment. I want to benefit as much as possible from your curriculum if I pull the trigger. Any suggestions?”


If you don’t play 6 max cash games EVER, the value proposition is going to be tricky.

You’ll learn a ton about fundamental preflop strategy that you can apply broadly but, since it isn’t specifically intended for full-ring games, I can’t give my 100% seal of approval.

I do plan on creating a 9-max add-on at some point in the near future (Basically whenever I have the time & energy, which are scarce resources currently).

However, not being available during the specific times/days Bootcamp runs is less of an obstacle.

You get the optimal grids straight away, all of the meetings are recorded and uploaded so that you can watch them on demand, and all of the Bootcamp documents (Including the daily schedule, discussion questions, study techniques, the pretest and Final Exam, etc.) are available as soon as you buy.

Also, you get to attend as many times as you want in the future at no extra cost and I’m 98.67% confident past Recruits would jump at the chance to go through the Bootcamp material again if they were simply asked.

I’ll close with a quick word from the Greatness Village streets from Mike P. about his experience in February’s Preflop Bootcamp:

“It’s crazy much Preflop Bootcamp has helped me. It made my realize how many leaks I had in my preflop game. I think everyone who takes it realizes how much preflop play is overlooked.

I still get some wrong, but its generally around the edges, so not terrible. It really opens your eyes to how many bad hands the population is raising/calling with that are so far from equilibrium. It’s given me so much confidence taking my game post-flop.”

If you wanna be like Mike and get some crazy cash game poker help…

Here’s your link to hop into Saturday’s Bootcamp:

Talk to you tomorrow.

Coach Brad