Coaching Pro: Thomas Bain 
Master the Subtle Art of Exploitation 
Are you ready to invest in your poker game with an ivy-league educated professional poker player? Beginner or expert, online or live, I can help!

While pursuing my Master's in Psychology at Columbia University, I built a bankroll from scratch and ended up crushing mid-stakes on the New Jersey poker sites. 

With my background in psychology, I was able to fine tune a highly exploitative style that I utilized to achieve winrates that many believe are impossible. After graduating from Columbia University, I chose to pursue poker professionally in a warmer climate (Los Angeles).

By training with me, you will learn to master the subtle art of exploitation and understand the math and psychology behind crushing the opposition.


  • Communication: "When I found Thomas, I was blown away after our first session. He had a sort of clarity to his thought process that seemed so natural and simple. He could tackle complex situations in ways that seemed easy."
  • Confidence: "After having been coached by Thomas, my poker days feel full of confidence and control. I enter every session with a calm sense that my success is inevitable, regardless of how this session goes. I rarely come across opponents that make my life difficult as my ability to distinguish ranges street by street has gotten to a point where a lot of the game feels easy to navigate. I have gravitated towards constantly adjusting hand by hand to my opponent's weaknesses; quickly pouncing on leaks and my results have allowed me to transition from a 10nl recreational player to a full time professional 200nl player."
  • Experience: "I reached out to Thomas after playing against him and realizing that despite being a professional poker player I still had room to level up my game and he was the obvious choice to get me to the next level."
What You'll Get:
A Trusted Guide.
Poker coaching is more than you and I spending an hour per week together. It's an ongoing relationship where I am dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you find success playing cards.
Ongoing Feedback.
Play a hand you're unsure of and need feedback before our next session? No problemo! All of my students have direct lines of communication and I respond to all questions as quickly as I am able.
In order to maximize your value, every session we have together is recorded so that you can watch anytime you want at your convenience.

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