Things I Trust Less Than BetOnline

As you may be aware, I have banned myself from suggesting or even reviewing any of the unregulated poker platforms you may be tempted to play on.

That’s going to change today with my BetOnline review and the reasoning is simple:

You’re going to do whatever the hell you want regardless of what I say.

And the reality is if you wish to play online poker you have to play SOMEWHERE…

So all I’ve really been doing is withholding information you could have used to make a more informed decision.

No longer.

First up is BetOnline and I have posted the review here:

But before you go check it out, I’ve made a list of things I trust LESS than BetOnline just for you.


Things I Trust LESS Than BetOnline

  • Sheldon Adelson
  • Used car salesmen
  • Mechanics
  • Milk that’s been expired for 2 months
  • Milk that’s been expired for 1 month
  • Milk that’s been expired for 3 weeks
  • Milk that’s been expired for 2 weeks
  • Milk that’s been expired for 1 week and four days
  • Flying cars
  • Autonomous cars
  • Shuttles to Mars
  • Shuttles to the Moon
  • The Spaceforce
  • Johnny Depp’s version of Willy Wonka (No poker site will I trust more than Gene Wilder)
  • Worm from Rounders
  • Jason Su’s eyes
  • The federal government
  • Any casino slot machine jackpot
  • Any scratch-off ticket jackpot
  • Rabid squirrels
  • Zero Calorie Soda
  • Any type of Cruise
  • Duck-billed platypusses
  • Homemade brake pads
  • The Head of Safety at Chernobyl Nuclear

I think that ought to give you something to think about…

But if you’d like to just read the full review, here’s your link once again:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad