There Are Enough Nipples to Go Around

Fun fact:

Tasmanian devils give birth to 20-30 babies in their pouch…

But they only have four nipples to go around!

As you might imagine, most of the little dudes and dudettes don’t make it.

What a fucked up way to make it into the world.

Do you ever feel like the poker world is a similarly cut-throat environment?

97% of players fail, only the strongest survive, there can be only one (Alright you got me, that last one is from the Highlander)…

But is it true? Do you really only have a 3% chance to win money over your lifetime playing poker?

Personally, I think the stat (Like adjusted all-in EV) is pretty much bullshit.

There are way too many variables that just aren’t accounted for.

Many moons ago I played a local home game a few nights per week in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN.

Over the years I played I was the biggest winner there … by far.

Sometimes when I would miss the game I would think to myself, “I wonder who’s supposed to win on the nights I don’t play?”

I could never come up with a solid answer.

It wasn’t that I was ridiculously smarter than these guys … they were a collection of the best of the best in Chattanooga.

Successful business owners, venture capitalists, lawyers, hoteliers, surgeons, and pilots.

But guess what percentage of them significantly improved their poker games over the years?


None of them were practicing online, none of them had a CardRunners subscriptions, none of them could even tell you what their most profitable hand was over the course of their lifetime (If you don’t know … I’m not gonna tell you).

Only ONE of them ever took me to the side and asked me for private coaching…

And he made me promise not to tell any of the other players, didn’t listen to anything I said, and only lasted for two sessions.

After not seeing any of them for the last 6 years I would bet everything I have that they would all still play exactly the same as they always have.

So the question I want to pose to you is this:

If any of these brilliant minds would have actually made a commitment to maximizing their potential…

Would have treated the game of poker like all the other things they were successful at in their lives…

Were humble enough to ask for help from someone at the top of the food chain…

Invested money into their education…

Do you really think they would never wise up?

Do you really think they wouldn’t eventually become winning poker players in the games they regularly played in?

I lived in those games. Trust me, it wouldn’t have been that hard.

But they never did any of those things and that’s the key to understanding why I think that stat is bullshit.

Only 3% of poker players win money over their lifetimes because they’re the ones who invest massive amounts of their being into becoming the best versions of themselves.

Who will humble themselves and pay money for their poker education so that they can improve regularly.

Who will watch videos, read books, take notes, join a community, and be willing to look like a complete fool so that they can learn from their mistakes and grow.

The 3% aren’t super-geniuses, wizards, or savants (most of the time, anyway).

They’re just the people who were willing to put in the work.

Trust me, there are enough nipples to go around.

You just have to fight for them.

Coach Brad

P.S. I’m putting together a 5 day “Memorize Your 6-max Preflop Range” challenge (It will be $99) that I’ll be launching at the end of the week.

If you’re ready to start fighting for your nipple, participating in the 5 day challenge will be is step #1.