The Revised Future of Chasing Poker Greatness

Humans have an innate capability that sets them apart from all other animals:


You can imagine exactly where you wanna be in the future and then one day, BOOM, you’re there.

Last September I sent out one of my most well-received newsletter of all time “The Future of Chasing Poker Greatness”.

Allow me to pull back the curtain for a moment and let you in on a little secret:

It wasn’t written for you. It was written for me.

I was undecided about whether or not I should join the PokerCoaching team so, like nerds have been doing since the dawn of time…

I spreadsheet’ed the hell out of the problem, did a brain dump, and dressed it up like it was meant for you all along.

Just like when you have trips and have to recalibrate on rivers when the Death Card drops, it’s important to update your plans as time passes and you gain more information.

So I just wanna share with you my revised Vision for the future of Chasing Poker Greatness:

-Launch More Courses

Fish in a Barrel was my first attempt at compiling, analyzing, and systemizing mass data for a specific spot so that it would hand you provable winning strategies you could implement, execute, and print money with.

Fish in a Barrel is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a taste of some MDA powered courses you ought to expect coming at you in the future:

  • Playing turns/rivers both IP & OOP in single raised pots vs. fish.
  • Cbetting in three-bet pots vs. fish.
  • Cbetting against regs.
  • Defending against cbets vs. fish.
  • Defending against cbets vs. regs.
  • Playing turns/rivers in 3b pots vs. fish.

They will be arriving much sooner than you might expect.

– Daily CPG Episodes & Regular YouTube Content.

I’ve been saying this for a while but once I’m out of research and poker course creation mode my ultimate goal is to have a daily show.

When I shut down a recording I’m full of energy and life. It’s hard for me to even describe to you how awesome it feels.

And when you send me a kind email or message about how much you love and appreciate CPG…

It lights me up and makes my day.

Ideally, this is how I would spend each of my remaining days.

– Ramp Up Marketing and Bringing On More Coaches

If I’m gonna spend my days making podcasts someone’s gonna have to be in there running the day-to-day operations on the coaching side.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my amazing experience at it’s that being taken care of and feeling like an asset is the way to go.

I’d run through a brick wall for the Poker Coaching squad and plan on taking care of my coaches like Jonathan and Justin have taken care of me.

On the marketing side, daily podcasts will be part of it but I’m really intrigued by paid marketing campaigns and scaling.

The more folks we can reach and guide in their poker journey the better.

– Live CPG Events

The travel bug has gotten a hold of me in a big way this past year.

After the pandemic I’m going to do my damnedest to run some meet up games and CPG live events in cardrooms across the US.

It’s time to put faces to all of the amazing folks I’ve met this past year.

There are a couple more developmental projects I can’t really talk about yet because it’s too early to know if they’re gonna happen or not.

If they do though, I daresay they’d be the most badass and exciting plans on this list.

One thing I will say is that poker desperately needs at least one major convention per year.

If an opportunity pops up where I get to be involved then all the better (I doubt I would be the sole person doing the organizing, as I have no experience and a bazillion other things on my plate).

To close I will once again admit that this Vision is just as much for me as it is for you…

But I always want you to be aware of what all of my selling, creating, and hard work is building towards.

If you’ve invested into private coaching, Preflop Bootcamp, or Fish in a Barrel I want you to know this whole endeavor is happening because of your trust and belief in what we do.

I will always be eternally, eternally grateful.

If you haven’t taken that step yet I want you to know I’m still extremely grateful for your time, support, and kind words…

And I’ll drop a link just in case you’re moved to improve your poker game while also ensuring my Vision for the future of Chasing Poker Greatness becomes a reality:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad