The Price of Poker Success

Today I wanna tell you a story about a good friend of mine (Keith) who has one of the most successful careers of anyone I know.

Keith’s a tough as nails businessman blessed with high intelligence, great people skills, and a keen intuition that allows him to pounce on opportunity after opportunity…

Anyone would be lucky to have this dude as a business ally.

Unsurprisingly, we met at a high stakes poker table where Keith’s poker skill isn’t quite on the same level as his business skill…

Here’s where things get weird.

It’s not like he doesn’t know he’s not very good at cards, he’s well aware.

It’s not like he doesn’t care because I know he does… he’s told me so.

It’s not that he lacks passion for poker because he consumes content like it has an expiration date and turns into a little kid at the candy store when he gets to go play some cards.

But things go sideways when it comes to actually upgrading his poker game.

He asked my opinion on steps he could take to improve so I told him to look into private coaching and told him my rates. His response?

“Brad, I’m not paying you for coaching.”

Another time he was telling me hand histories and asking how to improve his preflop game…

So I suggested he may wanna consider Preflop Bootcamp.

KEITH: “Can you promise it’ll turn me into a winning poker player?”

BRAD: “Bro, you’re the one who’s gotta show up and make the effort… Then once you have preflop down you still have to make good postflop decisions as well.”

KEITH: “Eh, we’ll see.” (Universal code for no)

No matter how much I tried to lead this horse to water, the mofo ain’t drinkin’.

The whole ordeal makes me reflect about how the things we say we want are so often disconnected from the actions we take.

As Bear Bryant famously said:

“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

The reality is most poker players are just like my friend Keith. They’d love nothing more than to be a winning poker player…

But wanting to win is not the same as preparing to win.

Ultimately, that’s the price of success in your poker journey.

You not only have to want it, you also have put in the necessary effort.

The good news is most folks invest a pea-sized amount of energy hoping for a king’s ransom in return.

Which is how you can gain a natural edge over folks like Keith who have tons of money and a lifelong passion for playing cards…

You simply exert the necessary willpower to prepare yourself for battle while they don’t.

It’s as simple as that.

In 3 days you’ll have that very opportunity, as Preflop Bootcamp is getting ready to fire back up.

This go-around will be the last time you’ll be able to scoop it up for $199, as the price is gonna shoot up to $297 forevermore starting in February.

Once you buy, you get access to all future Preflop Bootcamps until your preflop game is fully dialed in and your confidence is through the roof.

I’m even offering a special disappearing bonus this month:

When you buy Bootcamp, you’ll also get access to four private coaching session replays so that you can get an inside peek at what 1-1 coaching is really like.

If that sounds like your jam, here’s your link to sign up to this Saturday’s Bootcamp:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad