The poker villain who’s determined to keep you feeling lost

There’s a real douchy villain who’s bound and determined to make your poker journey a living hell.

His name is Mr. Complexify and you’ll want to avoid him at all costs. When he comes to Greatness Village he sows chaos every time he opens his big dumb mouth.

Here’s a recent interaction a Villager had when reviewing a session with Mr. Complexify:

Mr. Complexify: “What action should you choose there, son? Have you ran this in PIO yet?

/Runs Sim

Oh yes … see, it’s so obvious what you’re supposed to do:

Bet small 32.4%, bet medium 21.1% bet large 15%, and check 31.5%. This is your GTO strategy and if you don’t memorize it you’ll never be able to win at poker!”

Villager: “But what hands do I choose to bet small, bet big, and check with Mr. Complexify?”

Mr. Complexify: “Well you need some good hands and you need some bad hands for both bet sizes and for checking.

So when you have nothing but King high, you’ll need to bet big about 15% of the time, bet small about 55% of the time, and check the other 30% of the time.

And you’ll have to do the same thing whenever you flop top pair, middle pair, bottom pair, two pair, and sets.”

Villager: “So if I have nothing or something I need to sometimes bet small, sometimes bet large, and sometimes check? And then I can’t go wrong Mr. Complexify?”

Mr. Complexify: “Correct Sonny boy! But you have to keep in mind you aren’t just playing this one hand. You’re playing this exact scenario millions and millions of times so you’ll need to mix up your strategy in the future.”

Villager: “I’m confused and scared Mr. Complexify.”

Mr. Complexify: “Oh don’t worry Son … you just need to get yourself an RNG, invest 5 or 10 thousand hours into PIO, and you’ll reach $10 NL in no time.”

This approach to poker training reminds me of a Tony Robbins quote:

“Complexity is the enemy of execution.”

If your goal in poker study is to create a strategy you can never execute at the tables…

Go right ahead and listen to Mr. Complexify.

Run PIO sims, do range vs. range analysis on all 1755 strategically different flops, and try to memorize 4 different bet size strategies on each street…

Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a different path. Maybe you ought to be using your study time to try and build a resilient strategy that reduces complexity (So that it’s more executable).

Complexity reduction is the exact approach I use for private coaching and all of the premium strategic poker content I create because I know it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most powerful way to help you improve playing poker.

Tomorrow I’m gonna tell you about a Villain on the other end of the spectrum:

Mr. Oversimplify

I’m also going to tell you exactly why Mr. Oversimplify and Mr. Complexify are really just two sides of the exact same coin.

In the meantime, here’s you a link to hop into Greatness Village so that you can start making more poker friends:

Watch out for Mr. Complexify and be sure to call him out before he can do lasting harm to the other Villagers.

He goes by many names because, well, he lives to make life more complicated.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad