The NFL superstar whose name became a verb

Even if you dislike Randy Moss with the fire of a thousand suns, you can’t deny dude was an all-time talent.

He was so electrifying and unstoppable (6’4”, 4.25 40, 47 inch vertical … yeesh) early on in his career that kids nationwide started using his last name as a verb.

(According to

mossed: To make a terrific catch in football, usually jumping/leaping is involved, as if Randy Moss was the receiver.

“Yo son, you just got mossed.”

Despite being a generational talent and walking verb, most analysts thought Moss was donezo following the 2006 NFL season. After averaging 1,395 yards and and 12.8 TD’s in his first 6 seasons with the Vikings, his numbers cratered to 553 yards and three touchdowns in his 2nd season with the Raiders.

You might remember what happened next.

Moss whines publicly about how awful the Raiders are, forces a trade, and lands in New England for a 4th Round Pick.

Funny story about that 2007 fantasy football season. I ran an auction draft with a $500 entry-fee and one dude, Jacob, was laughing and chilling without bidding on any player for the first full hour…

Until Randy Moss was on the board.

Jacob snap went into stone-face poker player mode and instantly outbid anyone and everyone who wanted Moss. He bid something like 3x more than what the draft “experts” said Moss was worth. You can be damn sure we all gave him grief about his love for “washed-up old Randy Moss”.

As it turned out, my boy Jacob was the smartest guy in the room.

In 2007 Randy Moss went OFF for 1493 yards, a Jerry Rice surpassing 23 touchdowns (An NFL record still standing to this day), and was the catalyst for the greatest offense the NFL has ever known.

Moss was redeemed and Jacob smashed all of our faces in. Fun times.

It should be apparent to you there was only one difference between mediocre, unmotivated randy moss and Other-Worldly Freak RANDY MOSS:

He changed teams. That’s it. A small thing that can change everything.

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