The Myth of Solver Salvation

Recently someone in an unnamed Discord group said something that made my skin crawl.

They said, “You can’t beat $20 NL unless you know how to use a solver and play GTO.”

While their intentions may have been pure, what that dude really did was raise his hand and tell every great player in the group:

“Please don’t respect my opinion, I genuinely have no idea what I’m talking about. Also, if I’m going down I’m gonna bring everybody in here down with me”.

In short, he’s an idiot.

Here’s how I’ve come to think of GTO:

If you’re playing rock, paper, scissors and you have no information about your opponent’s tendencies, the game theory optimal strategy is to totally randomize. By randomizing there is no way for your opponent to gain an edge.

But what changes if you happen to know your opponent is out of balance and throws rock 75% of the time?

Because of your opponent’s flaw your GTO strategy would change and you now ought to throw paper 100% of the time.

To randomize when armed with this data point would be dumber than a dummy.

And yet…

Hordes of misled poker players across the universe are solving for spots they’ll never encounter vs. a human in real life, taking those dumb solutions & non-executable strategies as the gospel, and then pounding their heads against the wall when they can’t beat the micros.

In the words of the great Jonathan Little, “It’s asinine”.

Playing winning poker HAS NOT been, IS not, nor WILL EVER BE about YOU.

Poker is about discovering and exploiting the strategic vulnerabilities of the human beings you’re battling against.

Which leads me to Mass Data Analysis (MDA). MDA leaves those basic solver bitches in the dust.

It shows you what your opponent’s are ACTUALLY doing in specific situations.

With MDA you don’t need to spend time figuring out your opponent chooses rock 75% of the time before you get to change your strategy…

You know their exact vulnerabilities before the match even begins.

That information, my friend, is where your poker salvation truly lies.

When Fish in a Barrel launches in 8 days, our customers are going to be able to sit down at any game in the world armed with this precious intel on how-to optimally c-bet against fish.

It’s based on MDA and node-locked solves vs. an opponent-type whose strategy never changes. It’s the lock of all locks.

If you’d like this intel and you’re in the camp of “more money is better”, here’s your link to sign up:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad