The Future of Chasing Poker Greatness

I’m going to start off by promising you this is going to be a short e-mail while knowing full well these things tend to get away from me.

Today I wanted to talk to you about my vision for Chasing Greatness LLC, the business behind the CPG podcast and all of the poker training I offer.

Ultimately I envision a comprehensive, linear learning path that will guide you from being a relative newcomer to a winning poker player at no limit hold ‘em cash games. Every single step of the process will be covered comprehensively and you’ll be able to hop in and get started at whatever step of the journey you’re currently in.

There will be a nurturing community as well as video, audio, and immersive learning components for each step of the journey. Preflop Bootcamp and the Audio Pack are Step 1.

Our focus will eventually shift to 100% live cash games because it’s my belief that live cash games are much more resilient than the online variety. Simply put, I don’t know if they’ll be around in 5 years or not, so creating a ton of courses on how to beat only online cash seems questionable at best.

The main reason I think online cash is on the brink is because of the advancements in botting and real-time assistance. Both of these are absolutely existential threats and I don’t know if the online poker platforms currently serving the market are up for the challenge. I genuinely hope they are but my hope isn’t gonna make the problem disappear into thin air.

That isn’t to say your online games won’t be good and beatable for the near future (Maybe even beyond if security rises up to the challenge) but for professionals the smart long-term play is to focus on live cash (Or learning how to play MTT’s/PLO).

The coaching team will include at least 5 elite coaches who each have their own unique takes on the learning process and are capable of executing the company’s vision all on their own. These guys will be paid well for their services so that they can have some certainty in an extremely uncertain business.

This process has already begun with the on-boarding of my first associate coach, Thomas, who you’ll be hearing from on a regular basis on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast. He’s a young gun, ivy league educated, and such a brilliant poker mind that it’s sometimes hard for me to believe I’m the one who’s been coaching him for the last 4 years.

There will also be a marketing and business squad behind-the-scenes focused on reaching and impacting as many souls as we possibly can.

The CPG podcast will be a daily show with long-term sponsors and at least 2 strategy related episodes per week to go along with the current style shows you know and love.

There’s a lot more (Like publishing and releasing books and physical products) but I’ve already broke my promise to be brief so I’ll leave you with the broad strokes.


Chasing Greatness LLC’s #1 Value is Impact –>

For maximum impact there needs to be a team –>

To put together a dream team we gotta make some money –>

To generate money I currently create and sell the best stuff I possibly can.

So if you’re ever wondering why I’m trying to persuade you to buy the latest “thing” I’m creating, turning this vision into reality is my “why”.

Speaking of teams, I have a feeling the one I’m putting together will play a big part in realizing the ultimate vision for the company.

If you’d like to apply to join, here’s your link:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad