The Future – MGM w/ Jason Su

This week I took over Brad’s Power Hour and answered questions from the 20 or so people that showed up.

To all of you who came, thanks.

There was a great energy in the Zoom meeting and we covered a ton of really cool topics.

Among them:

What I believe to be the future of performance in poker.

As I told the group, I think the best players will soon recognize that the path to playing your best each time you sit down isn’t what you think.

The way it goes now is, there’s only really one mindset––locate and find the perfect play in every moment. Do that more than your opponents, and you win the money.

Yes, this is a good thing––when you’re away from the table.

But at the table, it actually gets in the way.

I think when you sit down, you should focus on one job––clear your mind and create a sense of flow, so that your training can take over.


Because all that knowledge you’re storing up when you study hard away from the table is locked away in your subconscious, and if you let your brain get overly active in searching for it while you play, you’ll end up running yourself in circles and limiting your potential to adjust and flow smoothly in response to what’s happening in each moment.

In other words, your approach will determine whether or not you create presence.

And presence is what unlocks the highest levels of profits.

So, if you’re working hard on your game with Brad and the crew, and want to add this final element of high-end performance to the puzzle, do yourself a favor and check out my book, Poker with Presence, if you haven’t already.

Just like poker, it’s easy to learn and hard to master––but once you do, you can print money like nobody’s business.

The book sells here:

Till next week,


Jason Su is the mindset and performance coach at Poker Detox and author of Poker With Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%

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