The dumbest thing you can do vs. a fish

Today I’m gonna tell you about a dumb thing people do that I find hilarious.

A high level player we’re going to call “Tom” decides to run a massive bluff vs. a fish in his local casino, promptly gets called down, and watches his big win evaporate into dust.

After chewing on the hand for the next 5 or 10 minutes, Tom finally breaks down and asks the fish, “Would you have folded if I made a bigger bet on the river?”

In a moment of weakness Tom just made the granddaddy of all poker mistakes…

He Asked the Fish How-To Catch Itself

Here’s the skinny:

Fish have no idea what their favorite foods are, they very much DO NOT enjoy being skinned alive, and they also just don’t fuckin’ trust you Tom.

Anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows the fisherman doesn’t get to ask the fish how to do a better job of making Fish Soup.

To be fair to this desperate fisherman, he has plenty of reasons to feel like he has no other choice…

  • Reason #1: Most Fishermen Hate Tom

They want the fish all to themselves and hoard their secrets like Elon Musk (Allegedly) hoards Dogecoin.

So they protect the fishies out of their own self-interest by either ignoring or feeding other fishermen lies.

  • Reason #2: Most Fishermen Fear Tom

Average poker players desperately fear that one day an Apex predator is going to sit down in their game and destroy their way of life…

So they’d rather be damned before helping create the very thing they fear the most.

  • Reason #3: Fishermen Guard Their Secrets Like Fort Knox

As more folks know the fisherman’s secrets, the less valuable those secrets become.

So the incentive of the crushers in Tom’s game are diametrically opposed to his own.

Which means you’ve gotta just figure them out for yourself.
Now let me tell you why I…

One of the Greatest Living Fishermen in the Entire Universe

…could give two shits about selling you the keys to my fishing kingdom:

  • Odds Are You Won’t Believe Me

There are around 300 Villagers in Greatness Village (And many, many more who read this newsletter) and I know exactly how many of them invest in my products (~10%).

Which means you’re probably in the 90% of nonbelievers who always come up with some excuse not to pull the trigger.

Good. More for the rest of us.

  • I Have an Abundance Mindset

I believe what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Someone’s gotta get the spoils of war.

I’d rather it be one of my own than some insufferable asshat whose only dream in life is to use their poker winnings to buy a lime green Lambo so that they can try to make their Instagram followers jealous (Which won’t work because nobody really cares about them or their life).

  • I’m the Alpha

If poker gets a little bit more difficult because I helped engineer thousands of fish slayers then so be it.

When you and I sit down at the table there’s no amount of fish strategy that will protect you.

Bring it on.
Which brings me to the most explosive, valuable, and controversial course I’ve dreamt up thus far:


You’ll be taught…

  • Exactly when you ought to call fish down with any pair (And sometimes ace high).
  • How to routinely bluff fish out of their fins by stealing big pots with airballs (Sometimes even AFTER conceding initiative).
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  • Strategies that consistently outperform the intuition of world-class players who have been making a living flaying fish for decades (Including yours truly).
  • And much, MUCH more!

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Talk to you tomorrow my future fishing superstar,

  • Coach Brad