Chasing Poker Greatness is Seeking Reviews From Real Players for the Online Poker Platform of Their Choice

It’s kinda’ tough out there in the online poker space. Everywhere you look, people and websites are shilling for this poker platform over that one. It’s hard to cut through the confusion to find real reviews from actual players in these online streets that actually describe their experiences in their own words and based on everyday use of the platform. And so we’re putting the call out for real world players to share their ratings and reviews, with the goal of helping us create a shared resource here on Chasing Poker Greatness to help other players evaluate all the online poker platforms and find the right fit before jumping in.

After we’ve gathered enough reviews, watch this space as it transforms into a hub for reviews and advice from real world players as they share their thoughts on the pros and cons of the myriad of platforms competing for your action. Now, to the survey!

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