Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: How Much Should You Bet On the River (Round 2)?

Tactical Tuesday Episode 074

Last week Coach Brad and Jon analyzed a couple hands where Jon had river sizing decisions with clear cut value hands. This week they will be doing the same thing, except this time with bluffs.

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Tactical Tuesday

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: How to Play Flush Draws & Turning Pairs into Bluffs (Again) (Online Poker)

For this week’s poker training, love is in the air, but definitely not the good kind. Welcome to the first episode of Toxic Tuesday, where we’ve staged an intervention of sorts to make Jon face the hard facts that his love affairs with turning pairs into bluffs and chasing every flush draw with a pulse is causing him to lose money and preventing him from

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Tactical Tuesday

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Then vs. Now – Poker Bluffing Strategy Revisited for 2023 (Online Poker)

This week’s show format has been turned right on its head as we finally make good on Coach Brad’s previously broken promises — for which he still hasn’t apologized — to revisit some old hands from yesteryear, when Jon Chai was but a wee lad trying to scratch two big blinds together and find his way in this poker world.

Upon revisiting hands from all

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Tactical Tuesday

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Finding Unnatural Bluffing Opportunities At Online $1K No Limit

On today’s show, Coach Brad and his student Jon will take a look at two hands that Jon recently played at $5/$10 6-max cash on Ignition. Jon tries to take advantage of a pair of spots on the turn that he believes are underbluffed by his player pool and more importantly are spots Jon believes his player pool perceives as underbluffed. Identifying and exploiting spots

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Tactical Tuesday

Hero Bluff Week #5: High Stakes Poker

Today’s episode features three epic hands from my favorite poker show of all-time, High Stakes Poker.

Tom Dwan pulls off one of the best bluffs of all time, Phil Galfond gets GOT by a recreational player, and Brad Booth pounds stacks of cash on the felt with four high vs. the GOAT Phil Ivey.

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Tactical Tuesday

Hero Bluff Week #4: World Poker Tour

Today’s episode of Chasing Poker Greatness features one of the greatest to ever sit down at the green felt, Ike Haxton, getting a disgusting bluff through vs. Ryan Daut.

Hand #2 happened right before the COVID-19 pandemic at WPT Thunder Valley and involves Jake Schwartz and Tony Tran.

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Tactical Tuesday

Hero Bluff Week #3: WSOP Champs

Today on Hero Bluff Week Thomas and I break down probably the most important bluff in poker’s history involving Chris Moneymaker and Sam Farha.

The other bluff we chose was a little bit more recent (it happened back in 2018) and involved a former WSOP champion trying to bully his way into another WSOP Main Event final table.

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Tactical Tuesday

Hero Bluff Week #2: The Phil Ivey Special

Today’s episode features two pots from the greatest player to ever sit down at the green felt.

Hand 1 is a classic pitting Phil Ivey against Tom “Durrr” Dwan on High Stakes Poker where a pot BALLOONS to over $600,000.

Hand 2 is just Phil Ivey doing Phil Ivey things in a classic hand you genuinely do not want to miss.

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Tactical Tuesday

Hero Bluff Week #1: Garrett vs. Andy

I’m convinced Live at the Bike was created just as a battleground for Andy and Garrett Adelstein to wage war against one another.

Kicking off “Hero Bluff Week” are two hands played by two of the best regulars in the nosiest of nose bleed cash games in the world.


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Poker Training Sessions: Bet Sizing


Poker Training Sessions: River Betting & Inducement

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