Storytime – MGM w/ Jason Su

A tale told to me by a friend long ago:

If you’re a fan of the old Poker After Dark shows, you probably watched a fellow named David Peat, aka Viffer, crushing people to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It wasn’t just on the show either.

This guy was, in those days, one of the biggest cash game winners on the planet.

He had style, and presence.

Impossible to read, always a step ahead.

But the money management was, uh, not so present.

Among the many escapades of Viffer, I came upon this story:

Due to some reckless driving, our friend Viffer wrecked his very fancy six figure car by hitting a telephone pole or something like that. Rather than go get it fixed or deal with insurance claims, he decided to drive it into the Bellagio valet, and just never pick it up again.

But he needed a ride, so he went over to the dealership and bought another six figure car on the spot.

Completely insane.


This is not an email about how to manage your money.

But it is a cautionary tale about the ways that people can slide into carelessness and overconfidence that “I’ve got it made” or “things are always going to be this good” when everything is going your way.

The antidote to this:

Having a way to celebrate your wins and acknowledge your growth, while still having the ability to stay present and connected enough to yourself to be in total integrity in all aspects of your life––money, relationships, purpose, etc.

A regular practice of leaning into presence goes a long way.

Because it’s so easy to say “I would never do that” when you’re on the outside––but a completely different experience once it’s you.

Stay present, and you’ll keep your money––and your cars––safe.

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Till next time,
Jason Su is the mindset and performance coach at Poker Detox and author of Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.