Soul Reads – MGM w/ Jason Su

Think back to some of your favorite hands.

Spots where you just “knew” what your opponent was doing.

Even though most of the time following this read by making a big bluff or hero call would probably lose money, you were certain that this time it was going to work.

You were in their head.

And you were right.

This has always been one of my favorite parts about poker.

Channeling into something greater than we can logically figure out.

Using intuition––and profiting.

The truth about these spots:

It’s never really anything that we can put into words at first.

It starts with a feeling.

Feeling becomes thought, which turns into action.

When we’re connected to presence and flow, we’re able to translate that feeling of “something’s off” and identify what we think that means in terms of what our opponents are up to right now.

The key is that transition from feeling into thought.

If you try to start with thought, you end up following your mind into random circles of hell where you make some of the most regrettable plays of your life.

But plug into the feeling first, and the good stuff happens.

To do this consistently:

You need to have ways to keep your mind connected to your nervous system so that it can be open to recognizing those feelings and letting the dots connect themselves once you recognize what’s happening.

Do this, and the game starts to feel a whole lot more fun.

With presence, you truly get to play.

In flow, nothing ever feels mechanical and boring––the table becomes your playground.
And it all starts with connection and feeling.

So if you want to get into the business of reading souls more often, flip that switch from trying harder in your mind to becoming more open to the feeling in your system.

You’ll be connected.

To flow, and eventually, to more money.

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Jason Su facilitates presence and high-level performance for serious poker players, and is the author of the book Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.