Son, You Don’t Walk Right (+Free Coaching Winners!)

I’ll never forget the day I learned everyone sucks at walking.

I was deep in super-nerd-research-mode looking for ways to increase my athleticism using agility ladders. What I learned was that agility ladders work for a pretty unexpected reason:

You are not born with the ability to control your body with precision.

Apparently when you were toddling around without a care in the world you learned how to walk through trial and error. Once you were be-bopping around you never actually invested more time into learning how to move more efficiently…

Because why would you?

I don’t know about you but I found it more than a little disturbing to learn my toddler self had determined the efficiency of my body. I remember my girls when they were toddlers and, while I love them dearly, they weren’t exactly building rocket ships to the moon.

Have you ever considered the same thing might have happened with your poker game?

When you first started learning how to play maybe you read some books covering basic preflop strategy. So you took that basic strategy, applied it the best you could, and then hopped in the arena and started battling. If you never went back and invested time into optimizing your strategies now you’re stuck with one that’s based on your trial and error experiences.

The poker toddler is running the show.

If you still find yourself regularly feeling lost preflop, or suspect the strategy your human brain developed is sub-optimal then you may want to consider investing in an agility ladder for your poker brain:

Preflop Bootcamp starts back up in 2 weeks. You will train yourself on executing an optimal preflop strategy with precision.

No more trial and error. No more poker toddler at the wheel.

If you wanna check it out, here’s the link:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad


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