Smooth like a Wall Bangers Pro

I’ve been thinking a lot about a word Bootcampers use to describe how poker feels after they’ve been through the program: Smooth

I kept asking myself, “What does “smooth” even feel like?”

Then I remembered a game played on one of my favorite TV shows of all-time: MXC.

I don’t know if you remember MXC but it was a bunch of folks running around trying not to kill themselves while completing bizarre obstacle courses.

One such bizarre (and hilarious) obstacle course was dubbed “Wall Bangers” and was quite a brutal experience.

Contestants chose 1 out of 3 identical doors in a wall, ran really fast, and hurled their bodies at the door.

They would either:

a) Bust through the hole to the other side where they’d have to do the same thing 3 more times to get out…

b) SPLAT on a solid door, lose the game, and get ridiculed mercilessly by the announcers.

The thing about Wall Bangers was there was a built-in positional advantage. The poor folks who went first had zero info and just had to hope they chose correctly…

It almost always ended horribly for them.

But the folks who went after them got to sit around, watch them fail miserably, and use the process of elimination to figure out which of the first 2 or 3 sets of doors were real.

Those lucky folks had a much smoother Wall Bangers experience.

Come to find out, preflop poker works in a very similar way.

If you’ve always been clicking around while making your best guesses, it’s pretty obvious what’s gonna happen to you on the regular…

Before you make your decision you’re gonna feel a little bit of terror in your stomach, and then you’ll often *SPLAT* on the ground as your body thuds against the solid doors.

The thing is though, you don’t have to figure out the right doors to go through when it comes to preflop play…

Super computers have already shown us what the right doors are so that you can save yourself future concussions…

That information has been simplified for you in Preflop Bootcamp so that you can execute it over and over again and never have to worry about wiping out again.

You’ll undoubtedly still *SPLAT* later on in the decision tree (We all do) but I daresay your preflop poker experience will go much more smoothly.

For that smooth experience (Firing back up tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm EST), here’s your link:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad