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Episode 9

Today you’re going to hear from Shaundle Pruitt. Shaundle is an accomplished tournament player, streamer, and—as you might not expect—real estate agent. 

He comes from a strong gamer background as a man who, surprise surprise, fell in love with strategy games at a young age. 
Infatuated by the added element of luck in poker, he found success at micro stakes cash games online over a decade ago before turning his attention and energy to online tournaments.  
Shaundle had built up his bankroll to the point where he felt comfortable firing at $500 and $1k buy-in tourneys until a fateful day in mid-April of 2011 changed everything. 

He had just binked a tourney for $5k on his BIRTHDAY, April 14th, when all of a sudden *POOF* online poker disappeared overnight. I guess there’s a lot that can happen in life but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this has to rank up there in worst birthday memories of all time for Shaundle.

After Black Friday, Shaundle couldn’t bring himself to continue playing the game he had invest so much of his heart and soul into anymore and quit playing poker for about four years before eventually returning to the game. 
As is par for the course, the man has had some big ups and big downs over his career, but if there’s one adjective I would use to describe him it would be this: gritty. He’s never stays down for long and continues to grow and improve his game on a daily basis.
As we talk today, you’re going to hear what he considers his biggest success in poker, and his biggest failure too. He’ll let us in on any regrets he may be harboring and explain what has allowed him to thrive in online tournaments regardless of the year or the competition.  

Connect With Shaundle

He’s got some great words of advice about what you should be thinking about — and what you shouldn’t — if you want to make it on the green felt. He’ll also let you in on some secrets for finding methods of study that will improve anyone and everyone’s game.

Shaundle is a shining example of what perseverance and hard work can get you if you’re willing to put in the time and chase your dreams. 
And so, if you’re ready to do what it takes to be successful in Chasing Poker Greatness, Mr Shaundle Pruitt has most definitely got some advice for you… 
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