Saturday Surge

A weekly round-up of all the poker related things…

Poker Stream I’m Looking Forward To…

One of Greatness Villages own, Doc, will be battling Stephen Chidwick and Nick Jones on the RIO live stream today at 2:15 EST. I implore you to drop in and spam emotes for emotional support at:


Feeling I Just Can’t Shake…

There’s an unquantifiable data point that has been tragically undervalued by poker trainers worldwide: Human emotions.

I expect to be investing a significant amount of brain power on this topic for the foreseeable future, so stay tuned.

Big Win of the Week…

One of my private coaching students bought, wrapped, and will be delivering a number of Lego sets to needy children in his area.

No poker accomplishment could make me more proud. Well done brother.

Webinar I’m Pumped Up About…

Tuesday (12/22) will be my third Poker Coaching webinar and the rubber will be hitting the road.

It’s going to be on dramatically upgrading your hand reading ability using more precise language combined with Mass Data and advanced software.

If that sounds like something you can’t live without and you’re not yet a Poker Coaching member, here’s you a link so that you don’t miss out:

That’s all I’ve got this week.

Have a great rest of your weekend and Jason Su will catch ya on Monday.

Coach Brad