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Episode 2

Today I’m speaking with Robbie Strazynski, founder of

Robbie has made immeasurable contributions to the beautiful game of poker through his own blog as well as other poker media since he got started around 2009. He’s a well-respected member of the community who is admired by both the players and the fans.

Robbie knows and is known by many people in the poker world. He’s interviewed greats in the game like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Helmuth, and Phil Ivey.

Cardplayer Lifestyle is considered to be one of the top poker entertainment websites on the Internet. Robbie himself is the main writer and also acts as editor for all of the contributed content that he also publishes. The site delivers in-depth interviews with some of the most well-known industry faces, exciting news about happenings and invents, must-read strategy articles, and, of course, all kinds of articles about living the poker lifestyle.

In today’s episode you’ll get Robbie’s insights on what it means to reach the the level of high achievement—at poker or anything else, the players he considers to be truly great, and why.

He speaks on the benefits of keeping your brain active by playing poker as well as other ways that the game can benefit you when you’re away from the table.

He explains how he learned to stop thinking about the money and just play the game as he tells an amazing comeback story that starts with him losing all of the money he took with him to the WSOP.

Robbie also relates two quite personal stories, one about Daniel Negreanu and another about Phil Hellmuth, that will show you exactly why you shouldn’t always believe everything you see on TV.

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Click any of the icons below, sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Robbie Stranzynski on Chasing Poker Greatness.