Rise or Die – MGM w/ Jason Su

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”


A thing that happens in the animal kingdom:

When crabs are put into a pot to boil, they of course do their best to get out.

At a certain point, it becomes obvious that they’re not going to make it––but sometimes there will be one or two that start to push their way to the lid of the pot, where they’ll be able to survive a little longer.

At that point, something happens:

The rest of the crabs pull that one back down.

Almost as if there’s a mentality of “either we’re all going to make it, or none of us are.”


If you want to be great, you’d better choose your surroundings wisely.

And even then, always be on the lookout.

Because there will inevitably be a friend or two in your life who can’t handle the fact that you’re moving into another tier of success, one that they either aren’t interested in, or know that they’re not going to be doing the work to make it into.

And so they’ll start to bring you down.

Maybe through little comments.

Maybe by trying to entice you back into your old habits.

It won’t even be a conscious decision on their part––they just know you’re leaving them behind, and this is the natural response.

Just like one of those crabs.

So as you continue to do what it takes to become the best performing version of yourself, make sure that you keep finding rooms of people who are on your side, who have wisdom and knowledge that you lack.

So that you can always keep growing.

This, not talent, intelligence, or work ethic, is the single most important driver in your final levels of success:

Do you always keep growing?

Or do you let others bring you back into the boiling water?

Food for thought.

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Jason Su facilitates presence and high-level performance for serious poker players, and is the author of the book Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.