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Training and Software

Learn Pro Poker (MTT Training) $40/month - The brainchild of former "Chasing Poker Greatness" guest Ryan LaPlante, Learn Pro Poker is for aspiring MTT crushers and provides a clean, linear learning path so that you don't miss or skip over any important concepts.
Red Chip Poker (Cash Game/MTT Training) $5/week - Co-Founded by former Chasing Poker Greatness guest James "Splitsuit" Sweeney, Red Chip Poker's Core wants to help you simplify complex strategies and has 200+ in-depth lessons, quizzes, hand histories, and a (free) nurturing and active community you can plug right into.
SolveForWhy (Cash Game/MTT Training) $9.99/month - Created by nose bleed crusher and guest #1 of CPG Matt Berkey, Solve For Why offers the most innovative and highest production value poker training videos on the market. 
Range Trainer Pro (Cash and MTT Training) $74.99/year - If you have problems recalling optimal ranges when you need them most (in the heat of battle), Range Trainer Pro lets you practice and learn your preflop ranges at a lightning fast pace (Just a few minutes per day) so that you don't make any pre-flop mistakes when thousands of dollars are on the line. Created by former Chasing Poker Greatness guest K.L. Cleeton.
Hold 'Em Manager 3 $60-$160 - The best software on the market for analyzing past hands you've played, keeping track of your wins/losses, and helping you plug leaks you wouldn't be able to find on your own.

Poker Tracker - Hold 'Em Manager 3 is way better in my opinion so just click the above link :)

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