Resolutions – MGM w/ Jason Su

It’s almost the end of the year.

Which means one thing––time for the annual joke that is New Year’s resolutions, where hordes of people get a moment of inspiration, a spark of pride and desire, and decide that “everything changes now.”

Fun fact:

80% of all New Year’s resolutions have been scrapped by the end of January.

The reason?

Because nothing has changed on the inside––and life works inside-out.

And so for almost everyone, the “what” you’re trying to do each year will keep changing, but as long as the “how” you go about doing it stays the same, so too will the results.

New habits only stick when they feel easy.

And they only feel easy when we feel easy on the inside––meaning, when the context we’re operating from on the inside feels calm, relaxed, and in a good flow.

So regardless of what it is that you’re wanting to improve at this year––whether it’s your health, finances, relationships, or anything else––never forget to ask yourself along the way whether you’re creating an atmosphere inside yourself that’s going to allow the journey to feel smooth and easy.

If not, you might as well give up before you start.

But follow those guidelines, and you may just get everything you want.

Till next year,


Jason Su is the mindset and performance coach at Poker Detox and author of Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.

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