[QUIZ] Adjusting Your Default Preflop Poker Strategy

“You should never raise QTo from UTG.”


The enemy of poker greatness.

Here’s the deal: If your plan is to ascend the ladder of NLHE cash games and tournaments, crushing everyone in your path…


If poker were that simple, don’t you think bots would have taken over the game 15 years ago?

Memorizing your preflop ranges is a great first step.

But it’s more like graduating poker kindergarten than getting your poker PhD.

The edge and beauty in this game lies in gathering information about the specific opponents you’re playing against in the present moment and then making the appropriate strategic adjustments.

The players who are generating the biggest edges in your games are doing the exact same thing.

Watching, observing, mentally adjusting their strategy, and then pouncing.

Sounds pretty intense, right?

It is.

There’s a reason why they’re at the top of the food chain.

Yesterday I told you I was going to give you a specific list of scenarios to consider…

And then your challenge would be to theorize what you think the appropriate strategic adjustments ought to be.

Before your quiz, let’s define some terms:

  • Maniac = 40% PFR
  • LAG = 30% with a 3b of 15%
  • Whale = VPIP’ing 60%+ & PFR less than 10%.
  • Fish = VPIP’ing 40%+ and PFR less than 10%.
  • Nit = less than 15% VPIP, opening 10%, and 3b’ing 6%.

Ex. of potential strategic adjustments:

Increase/Decrease PFR % and sizing.
Increase/Decrease 3b %
Increase/Decrease 4b % and sizing.
Alright, now for your quiz.

What strategic preflop adjustments do you think you should be making in the table configurations described below:

1) You have a maniac on your direct left.

2) You have a LAG on your direct right.

3) You have a LAG on your direct right AND a maniac on your direct left.

4) You have two whales directly to your left.

5) You have a LAG AND a whale on your direct left.

6) You have a fish and a whale on your direct right.

7) You have two nits on your direct left AND a LAG on your direct right.

8) You’re in the SB, a fish is in the BB, and a nit opens from the CO.

9) You’re in the SB, a LAG opens from the CO, and a maniac 3B’s from the button.

10) You have a maniac on your direct right and a whale directly to his right.

Finally, I want you to really consider the following question:

Do you think your default strategy will perform better or worse vs. your adjusted strategy?

Why or why not?

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Coach Brad