Proximity Directly Relates to Influence

Dear VIP,

This past week “The Last Dance” was released on Netflix and I promptly devoured all 10 episodes in two days.

The Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s were as dominant as any major sports franchise has ever been.

6 rings in 8 years.

Most of the credit, rightfully so, goes to the on-court skills of Michael Jordan. He’s simply the GOAT.

But after watching episode after episode, I started to realize his influence on the Bulls was about so much more than his basketball skills.

Day after day he demanded each and every one of his teammates be the best version of themselves they could be.

He had a legendary work ethic. He never asked anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.

He was ruthless about holding his teammates accountable.

He pushed them until they broke. He willed them to find their limits.

Was it always fun being teammates with MJ?

Nope. Most of the time I’m sure it felt like hell on earth.

But they were so close to greatness they couldn’t help but be forged into better men.

MJ was the Sun that provided the heat and Phil Jackson wielded the hammer.

This is how it is for you in poker as well.

The folks you orbit will have the most direct influence on whether your poker journey ends as a failure or a success.

If you want to ensure you stay small all you need to do is stay close to someone who will never push you.

Who will never hold you accountable.

Who will be content with your mediocrity.

You’ll probably have more fun and be more comfortable than the folks who are being forged by greatness.

But you probably won’t realize your full potential.

And you’ll always wonder what your limits really were.

Until Tomorrow,

Coach Brad

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