Preflop Bootcamp FAQ

Dear VIP,

Are you wondering how the first round went? Here’s a Round 1 Bootcamp’er testimonial:

“At first I had lots of fears. Most of the ranges were not making any sense to me. I wasn’t even sure as to what I was looking at as I studied. Then within two days I started to see patterns and better understood why they were built the way they were built. It became easier and easier.

By the second day of studying I really started to understand how important they were for me to master in order for me to get to the next level.

My second aha moment came when I moved up from NL $100 to NL $200 and felt completely comfortable there.

Then my third aha moment came during my coaching call with Coach Brad. Instead of only getting through ten minutes of tape covering mistake after mistake we made it through an entire session (1 hr 15 minutes).

I am still learning the ranges, but I put them by my side to help me navigate my pre-flop play. Even though I am having to reference my notes from time to time my confidence level is through the roof. It feels like my understanding of the game has grown overnight.

Now everytime I sit down at the computer I feel like I can win. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. In fact, I have not played this much online poker since Black Friday. After that fateful day, I stopped enjoying online poker and playing it because I couldn’t beat the game anymore until now.”

John M.

Today will be the last day on planet Earth you’ll be able to hop into Preflop Bootcamp for $99, so I wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that have come your Poker Sensei’s way:

“Are these ranges vastly different than the ones I can get from Upswing, ZenithPoker, etc.?”

Nope, they are very similar in that they’re also optimized. The major difference lies in that these ranges do not have any mixed strategies.

This question always makes me think of one of my favorite quotes though:

“If more knowledge was all you needed everyone would be billionaires with 6-pack abs.”

It’s not enough to have access to them. They will not become mastered through osmosis.

If you’re serious about leveling up your game you must put in the work.

“How many hours will I have to study these before I get it?”

I will answer your question with a question: How many podcasts will I release before I get so rich I can dive into a pool of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck?

Damn, I was hoping you knew.

The truth is, there are many unknown variables, so I have no idea!

It depends on where you’re at in your journey, how well your memory works, and how serious you take the Bootcamp.

All I can say is that if you put in the work and dedicate yourself, you will eventually get there.

“I have printed out Upswing’s ranges and use them as a cheat sheet while I play, is there still value in attending the Bootcamp?”

You can’t see me but I’m frowning a little bit as I write this.

But even if it’s something you do, there is still value in attending Preflop Bootcamp.

1) If you EVER play live poker, the floor will definitely not allow you to flip through your notebook while you’re making decisions.

2) You’re spending your attention and precious time focusing on your notebook instead of your tables.

3) You do not fully understand why the ranges are constructed the way they are, which means it’s much tougher making accurate adjustments.

4) It will be much more difficult visualizing how a preflop range interacts with postflop textures if you’re always relying on an outside source.

“What if I pay right now and then something beyond my control comes up during Bootcamp?”

Everyone who buys Preflop Bootcamp will have lifetime access to the private group and attend as many times as they would like.

At the end of the day this is about growing as poker players, not crushing the final exam or making sure you’re 100% accurate after 5 days.

If you buy it and something comes up you can just hop in the next round or ask the group if someone wants to study with you privately outside of Bootcamp.

This is your final, last, forever-going-away-and-never-coming-back-chance to get in to Round 2 at $99.

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Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad