Practice -> Play -> Plug -> Print 📈

In case you’re wondering, I spend my morning hunting through my Hold ‘Em Manager for a couple of pivotal data points.

I wanted to know just how often I’ve been cbetting vs. fish.

While this number inevitably varies based on your preflop strategy (Unless you’ve taken Bootcamp, in which case our preflop strategy is very similar), player pool, and stakes played…

In my database at $200 NL on Ignition I discovered I was cbetting in 4.6% of the total hands I played and a WHOPPING 79% of those cbetting opportunities came against a fish.

So for every similar 100 hands you play, you ought to find yourself cbetting vs. a weak player in 3.6 of them on average.

Even if you’re getting half of your sizings/frequencies correct, that’s still 1.8 hands where you’re at risk of making winrate crushing blunders.

While some mistakes are worse than others (checking mistakes are YUGE), even decisions you might think are tiny like choosing ⅔ pot instead of ⅓ pot can cost you 1 big blind.

Let that sink in…

It’s entirely possible that a pro who’s already beating $200 NL for a living can PLUG & PLAY Fish in a Barrel and add upwards of 2 bb/100 to their winrate.

At +$4 per 100 hands with most self-respecting pros playing at least 25,000 hands per month…

That’s an extra thousand bucks that’s being left on the table.

Every. Single. Month.

The beauty of the whole deal is that you don’t even have to be a pro playing for a living to reap massive rewards until the end of time…

Increased winrate means you get to build your bankroll faster while shaving off time toiling around in microstakes hell.

And if you’re a break-even or slightly losing player, winning more means, well… LESS LOSING!

The part I’m most proud of is that any human with two brain cells to rub together can execute the Fish in a Barrel strategies like they were a natural born wizard.

As a poker coach that’s something I almost never get to say.

The first fish skewering class launches this Saturday at 2 pm EST at $199 which will be the LOWEST price you’ll ever be able to pay.

With courses like this, I NEVER run deals or have flash sales.

My personal motto is to honor and take care of the early buyers like they’re my first-born child.

If you’re a longtime reader of the VIP Newsletter you may remember a time not-all-that-long-ago when Preflop Bootcamp launched at $99. Currently it’s $199 and next month it’s gonna pop up to $297.

Never again shall it be cheaper.

So if you wanna hop in this Saturday’s Fish in a Barrel at the cheapest possible price with a full 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee while being treated like my first-born child for all of eternity…

Here’s your link:

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad

P.S. No, you can’t have a popsicle. It’s way past your bedtime.