Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Multiway Postflop Donks In The $1k NL Cash Game Streets

On this week’s episode of Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad is rejoined by his student Jon as they examine two more hands played by Jon at $5/$10 on Ignition. Coach Brad and Jon pick apart two spots where Jon tried the seldom recommended “donk bet.” Will Jon’s bets live up to their nickname or are there actually situations in which a “donk bet” is the correct play? Find out now in Episode 11!

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Facing Check/Raises On The Turn

Today’s episode features Coach Brad and Coach Thomas breaking down two hands where the HERO is facing a Turn check/raise: Hand #1 is a live hand Coach Thomas played at the Commerce Casino. Hand #2 is an online poker hand Coach Thomas’ CFP student recently played at $200 NL. I hope dude’s parents don’t listen to today’s episode… it’s going to be brutal! There are Greatness Bombs aplenty just patiently waiting for you to dive right in.