Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: The Differences Between High Stakes Live Cash Games And Low Stakes Live Cash Games

In today’s episode of Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad and his student Jon break down the differences between high stakes live cash games and low stakes live cash games. In the first half of the show they break down the strategic differences and in the back half they discuss the environmental differences.

The strategic differences they go into are:

– The role rake plays in your strategy: Drop rake vs. Timed rake

– The strategic differences in stack depths (100 bbs at small stakes vs. uncapped at bigger stakes)

– The differences in levels of aggression as you move up stakes.

– Why you ought to be prepared for big games to inevitably get bigger as the night wears on.

The environmental differences discussed are:

– The fact that bigger games don’t run nearly as often as smaller games (And how this relates to how you ought to prepare for moving up stakes).

– The differences in how the players treat one another at the bigger stakes compared to the smaller stakes.

– Why at the big stakes there tends to be mutual respect amongst the pros and recs with minimal patronizing from either side.

– The role politics plays as it relates to getting a regular seat at the table when the bigger games do run.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Facing Check/Raises On The Turn

Today’s episode features Coach Brad and Coach Thomas breaking down two hands where the HERO is facing a Turn check/raise: Hand #1 is a live hand Coach Thomas played at the Commerce Casino. Hand #2 is an online poker hand Coach Thomas’ CFP student recently played at $200 NL. I hope dude’s parents don’t listen to today’s episode… it’s going to be brutal! There are Greatness Bombs aplenty just patiently waiting for you to dive right in.