Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Hands From Greatness Village

Today’s episode of Tactical Tuesdayfeatures hand breakdowns of two hands posted in Greatness Village. Hand #1 was submitted by Coach Thomas, the other resident coach in GV. Hand #2 was submitted by Charlie (Playing on the @The Lodge Live ), a GV member who regularly plays in the biggest streamed games in Texas. If you would also like one of your hands analyzed on Tactical Tuesday, join the Chasing Poker Greatness community today at https://greatnessvillage.com!

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Live Poker Tells and Playing AKo

Coach Brad and Jon analyze a couple of hands played by Joe, one of Coach Brad’s private coaching students. Joe recently played on a live streamed game at Texas Card House and found himself making some tough decisions with AK offsuit. Tune in to hear the discussion on everything from shot-taking strategy for live poker to one of the most reliable physical tells you will ever learn about.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Monster Hands Collide on Hustler Casino Live

Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan’s Hustler Casino Live debut last weekend provided viewers with plenty of huge pots and action. Join Coach Brad and Jon as they dive into two of the biggest pots played last week. In the first hand, Gal flops a pair and the nut flush draw vs. Matt Berkey’s over-pair. In the second, Tom Dwan rivers quads vs. Garrett Adelstein’s nut straight.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: What Size Should You Open To At Live $1/$2?

This week’s episode is inspired by a recent tweet from Coach Brad regarding the large open sizes that are commonly used in low stakes live cash games. Why do players at $1/$2 regularly open to 7 or 8 big blinds? Is there a strategic reason to open so large? If 7x-8x is too large, what size should you be opening to? Coach Brad answers all these questions and more.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: High Stakes Poker Season 8 Hand Breakdowns

We’re switching up the format for this week’s episode of Tactical Tuesday! Today you’ll hear Coach Brad and Jon analyze two hands from the most recent episode of the legendary poker show High Stakes Poker. In these two hands Tom Dwan, Brynn Kenney, and Brandon Steven battle it out in a $500k pot and a $400k pot. If you have a PokerGo account and would like to follow the action with us, head over to Season 8 Episode 5 of High Stakes Poker. Hand 1 begins at 35:39 and hand 2 begins at 19:30.